AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

30 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Rosenbaum IP has developed an extensive intellectual property law practice representing a wide spectrum of clients. David Rosenbaum provides us with information about the inner workings of this impressive firm. stablished in 1988, Rosenbaum has typically worked with a variety of clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations in intellectual rights procurement, product development, handling transactions and strategic litigation. Members of the firm develop and enhance intellectual property asset value by architecting portfolios aligned with client’s required business outcomes. In addition to IP rights filing and acquisition, the team counsel clients in complex intellectual property matters and supervise due diligence and positioning reviews for licensing, mergers and acquisition and strategic product development, all with the result of building and enhancing value of clients’ intellectual property estates. Impressively, our clients have achieved over $1.7 Billion (USD) in market value through financing rounds, merger and acquisition, licensing or litigation awards. To achieve this success, we combine professional and technical skills with sound business principles and experience. Our practice is devoted to supporting our client’s needs for intellectual property asset development, commercialisation and, when necessary, enforcement. Essentially, the focal point of an intellectual property plan is to secure maximum value for intellectual property assets. The increasing commoditisation of intellectual property legal services has caused a demarcation between low-cost volume based or “retail” IP legal services and value-based services. For 34 years, the primary ethos of our practice has been to deliver utmost value that garners the results our clients require. Working closely with our clients, we achieve this result by ensuring tight alignment between the client’s outcome and the nature and scope of the IP protection being developed. Our starting point is clarity and transparency. As the outset, this is achieved by first gaining a clear understanding of the business Company: Rosenbaum IP Contact: David Rosenbaum Address: 1480 Techny Road, Northbrook, Illinois, 60062, USA Phone: 001 847 770 6000 Website: Protecting Your Intellectual Property E 1712AI01 outcomes each client requires. The IP planning process begins with a meeting with the management team in which the business objectives are identified and needed outcomes clarified. Then, we create an IP asset development plan that is congruent with and calculated to achieve the requisite objectives and outcomes. This IP plan is then pressure tested by challenging assumptions, competitive opportunities and evaluating competitor activity in the relevant technology space. Any IP development plan is dynamic and is consistently reassessed and revised, as needed, as new objectives are identified, new opportunities are presented or new challenges arise. All patent attorneys in the firm have scientific or technical education and expertise. Members of the firm have experience in diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic chemistry, mining chemicals, agricultural chemicals, genomics, proteomics, biofuels, material science, biochemistry, semiconductor materials and fabrication processes, advanced design of smart phones, mechanical and electro-mechanical component and assembly design, service design, project prototyping, finite element analysis, materials analysis, design of experiments, tolerance analysis, statistical analysis, plant breeding, environmental protection systems, industrial and medical lasers, computer hardware and software, digital and analogue electrical systems, water purification systems, evaporative cooling systems, skin care products, clothing, motor vehicle assemblies and systems, and general mechanical and electrical technologies. Holding a strong impressive track record, the firm has successfully prepared and prosecuted thousands of domestic and international patent applications across manydiversefieldssuchassurgical implants, including cardiovascular stents and vascular grafts, materials science, including novel biomaterials, natural and synthetic pharmaceuticals, electrophoresis devices and methods, diagnostic systems and methods, DNA transformation and transfection, oligonucleotide ligands, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, drug delivery systems, immunology, ultrasonic, laser and cryogenic ablation catheters, super-luminescent light emitting diodes, nanolithography, atomic force microscopy, photolithography, vacuum deposition processes, including chemical and plasma vapor deposition, sputtering and ion bombardment processes, chemical sensor technology, resist “The IP planning process begins with a meeting with the management team in which the business objectives are identified and needed outcomes clarified..”