AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

28 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Studio Legale GTA is an Italian law firm that operates in the main branches of civil and international, commercial and corporate law, both in judicial and extrajudicial fields. We profile the firm, which was named Best in International & Civil Law 2018 – Italy in our 2018 Global Excellence Awards, to learn more and explore the secrets behind its success. tudio Legale GTA provides legal services to companies in Italy and to international companies with interests in Italy. The main areas of expertise is related to company law, compliance law (company responsibility under D.lgs. 231/2001, privacy, safety and environmental laws, etc.), labor law, commercial law and intellectual property law. The founder partner of the firm, Giovanni Tretti, has gained extended experience as General Counsel of an important international company and has transferred to the entire law firm the knowledge of the company’s need in terms of quality, effectiveness and well timed responses; in addition our firm is located in the Northern- east region of Italy, close to Venice, where the main bulk of the companies are middle or small size, and as such requesting legal services at a competitive price. All of these advantages have helped drive the firm to the success it enjoys today. In north Italy, there is a large variety of industries in all main sectors, some of the companies Company: Studio Legale GTA – Avv. Giovanni Tretti Contact: Giovanni Tretti, Susanna Greggio, Simone Cecchinato Address: Contra Porti, 21 - I-36100 Vicenza - Italy Phone: +39 0444 547317 (Martina Papi) Website: Studio Legale GTA: A Leading Light in ItalianCorporate Law S 1802AI27 being word wide leaders in their segments. Recently there has been a grow in the interest by international investors and multinational groups to invest in Italy and acquire middle or small company with production or services excellence in their field. In addition, many companies, while remaining with Italian ownership, have opened new factories or offices abroad, mainly in far east, east Europe and India. All these companies need qualified services and support in the legal field, offering many exciting opportunities for dynamic and respected firms such as Studio Legale GTA. Additionally, over the past five years there has been much restructuring within the Italian corporate landscape, and many businesses survived and new companies have been founded and grow. As it looks to the future, the challenge for Studio Legale GTA is to continue to understand the modified needs of its clients in the legal field and be able to serve those needs in the way it was able to in the last decade.