AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

26 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Established in 2006, Vault Rooms has since flourished into a market leading virtual data room provider dedicated to offering innovative solutions to meet the needs of its clients. Karen Perkins talks us through how the firm has helped thousands of companies and investment banks facilitate M&A deals and capital raises, leading it to be named Ones to Watch in M&A 2017 - the USA in our prestigious 2017 Global Excellence Awards. rusted by accounting firms, investment banks, private equity firms, law firms and many others for well over a decade, Vault Rooms offers secure file sharing behind layers of bank-level security. Karen discusses how the firm utilises its strong position within the virtual data room industry to innovate and create the solutions that clients truly need. “As a market leader, at Vault Rooms we have been privileged to be able to innovate the virtual data room industry, and provide a service for businesses to safely share business critical documents on our V-Rooms platform. As a result of our emphasis on security, ease of access, and customer service (thanks to our highly rated 24/7 customer service team), we now have clients on every continent and have assisted companies in raising more than $1 billion in growth capital. The increase in popularity and commoditization of the virtual data room market has led us to increase our focus on the user experience as a key differentiator.” “Over the years, Vault Rooms has proudly facilitated thousands of global M&A transactions across a wide range of industries for a variety of clients - including investment bankers, accountants, attorneys, private equity firms, and banks. We have experienced steady growth over the past 12 years and are forecasting that to continue for years to come.” Operating in such a fast-paced market can be a challenge, and as such, Vault Rooms works hard to stay at the forefront of emerging developments. The Virtual Data Room market ebbs and flows as the activity in the deal market changes, and this means that both the firm and staff have to continually adapt to offer clients the solutions they need, as Karen highlights. “To smooth the peaks and valleys of revenue tied to the M&A market, at Vault Rooms we have diversified our product offerings to help accounting firms manage their request lists and provided by client (PBC) materials.” Company: Vault Rooms Contact: Karen Perkins Address: 1617 Park Place Avenue, Suite 110-VR, Fort Worth, TX, 76110, USA Phone: +1 817-864-1363 Website: Unlocking the Secret of Vault Rooms T 1801AI24 “Alongside this, we work hard to stay ahead of the latest developments and offer solutions that meet the requirements of our clients and are ahead of the competition. As such, our technology team stays on top of best practices and emerging technologies through active participation in several focus and development groups in our core technology and industries. We keep all of our staff educated and informed not just about the surface level aspects of the industry, but also about the subtle nuances of our customers’ needs. Everyone stays up to date and relevant with the current technology, and strives to create innovation. Then, we integrate these new technologies into our system to provide those advantages to our clients.” The team’s passion and commitment to delivering excellence is what has driven the company to the success it enjoys today, and is central to its ongoing success. It is for this reason that it has been integrated into the firm’s mission, as Karen explains. “Fundamentally, at Vault Rooms our team has a passion for delivering workflow simplification through technology innovation with a focus on facilitating secure access to business-critical files. We do this by constantly evaluating and finding ways to improve. Most recently we have set new records for responsiveness and speed through our use of a global CDN. Also, we have made architectural improvements which address load balancing, geo- steering, and failover for our applications to improve system reliability. These improvements, paired with customizable document access permissions, automated email push notifications regarding new and updated documents, and drag and drop upload have shown our commitment to our customers and our mission.” With regards to the future, Karen foresees a number of exciting developments for both the market and Vault Rooms itself, as the company looks to adapt and develop to continue supporting its clients and offering them truly cutting-edge solutions.