AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 23 Rayes & Fagundes is a full-service law firm aiming to be different, to think different, and to find different solutions for its clients. We invited João Paulo Fagundes, one of the founding partners, to provide us with more information on the services that the firm offers. ossessing eight offices, the Wiseberry Heritage Group service the Northern-end of the Central Coast. Started in 1994 as Heritage Real Estate by the father and son team of George and Darin Butcher, this family run business has grown so much in the 24 years of operation. Operating with a clear vision of the future, Megan discusses with us the firm’s overall mission, detailing what steps and techniques staff use in order to try and achieve these goals. “Here at Wiseberry, our mission statement epitomises what we strive for each and every day; ‘The Wiseberry team sell and lease real estate and help families move, in striving to perform our duties beyond all expectations, we create long lasting friendships, and a great prosperity for our families.’ We love to keep ahead of what is happening with regard to changes in technology and processes, and are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies within our team. “As such, we have a big focus on training, and we do a lot of in house training along with attending seminars, training courses and guest speakers. After each of these sessions, we look at what we take away from the session and then work to get these ideas and developments implemented into our system.” Megan describes the typical clientele that the team at Wiseberry work with, before highlighting the personal relationships that the group develops with its clients. “Typically, our clients range from first home buyers to retirees, first time investors to investors with large portfolio’s, local investors to International investors, growing families to parents downsizing, along with those who have many other reasons for people needing to move. One of our favourite sayings is that we do not just sell houses, we move people, and we believe that we sell customer service, we sell an experience, and we just happen to specialise in Real Estate.” Throughout the Central Coast, the real estate industry has recently been through a fantastic boom. The company have seen prices increase exponentially and people have been able to make a lot of money selling off their real estate assets. The Company: Wiseberry Heritage Group Contact: Megan Green Contact Email: sales@ Address: Central Coast, New South Wales, NSW 2263, Australia Phone: 0061 02 4393 3922 Website: MoreThan Just aTrademark P 1801AI70 record prices which have been set and broken in the recent boom highlight the fluctuating nature of the industry. With the real estate industry being unpredictable, staff must work together to ensure they can provide the best service and adapt to the relevant trends in the market. Teamwork is essential in this regard, and Megan explains what steps the Wiseberry team take in order to stay ahead of emerging developments, as well as alluding to what the internal culture is like within the Group. “Training and education are a huge part of all that we do at Wiseberry. We keep our team educated with market changes, technology updates and ensure that we are at the forefront of what is happening. “Within the company, we have a fantastic culture, we are more like family. With our eight locations, we have ensured that the culture that was set by our founders as a small family business have been carried through to our newest team members. Our team are very aware of the expectations, and they carry this through to ensure our clients are looked after from start to finish and beyond.” Boasting an exceptional reputation, the Wiseberry Heritage Group really stands out amongst its competitors. Megan comments on what she believes differentiates the firm from its competitors, subsequently marking itself out as the best possible option for clients. “Once again, we do not just sell houses, we move people. We provide a customer experience like no other. Also, we put our people first and we are always looking at what is best for our guests (clients), and ways that we can improve their experience to make it smooth, stress free, and seamless.” Ultimately, with a thriving working environment and a wealth of expertise and knowledge running through the company, there are exciting times ahead for the Wiseberry Heritage Group. Megan outlines the future plans for the Group which will see it grow its success even further. “Moving forward, our immediate future holds system reviews and the implementation of new technology to improve our current service. Also, we have growth goals to grow our sales departments and rental businesses to look after a larger number of clients.”