AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 21 Delivering Quality on a Global Basis industry sectors. The firm aims to use technology in tandem with our expertise of offer a modern service that can maintain momentum in any environment. We have developed a client services department that sits beside the legal teams which means that our clients are carefully managed throughout the entire course of their matter and in the first instance we have a comprehensive outline of the legal issue being presented and the client also has a complete understanding of the costs, the time the initial phase is likely to take and who will be dealing with their matter. The client services team are always open to our clients’ approach at any stage. Also, the client services team is able to keep the client fully informed of the key developments. Despite operating in an increasingly technology dominated environment, Giambrone’s use of progressive technology does not mean that our clients who do not embrace modern technology will be left behind, on the contrary, we always adapt our methods to suit each client and fully understand that some of our clients may be more comfortable with other methods of communication. Interestingly, the European legal and commercial landscape is in a state of instability mainly as a result of the UK’s decision regarding Brexit; this situation is resulting in opportunities for an agile law firm with cross-border capacity. Clients are looking for commitment and partner led firms without the high fees that are typically found in large cross-border firms centred in London. Giambrone’s proactive client centric culture is ideally suited to address the many issues that European businesses, who do business with other European countries, face with the looming prospect of the changes which will inevitably arise as a result of Brexit. For many businesses their whole business model must be re- drafted, contracts will effectively be torn up, even staffing may prove a challenge. Free movement is one of the core elements of EU membership. If this is inhibited, some businesses may be affected very considerably. Budgets will have to be analysed and revised. Visa requirements for example could make it difficult to recruit UK-based employees from the remaining EU Member States (and vice versa). Also, potential candidates may prefer to be located in the EU where their movement would remain unrestricted. UK employees currently working in the EU almost certainly will need assistance with visas in the future. Essentially, Giambrone aims to be ahead of the situation by devising preliminary strategies that can be adapted to offer our clients a framework to enable them to develop a way forward. The UK’s surprise decision to leave the EU raises significant challenges and potential opportunities. It is clear that Brexit will affect the rights and obligations of all businesses aiming to be engaged in commercial activities in both the UK and the wider arena of Europe. While there is much uncertainty regarding the shape of the UK’s future relationship with the EU post-Brexit, time should be spent assessing the impact across a business at the earliest stage and be continually updated as more information is forthcoming. Therefore, consideration should be given now to the strategic action that businesses may wish to take in a number of areas, including contractual relationships, staffing, financing and supply chain management, to manage the risks and maximise the opportunities presented by Brexit. Proactive businesses will be best placed to meet the challenges of the coming years. It is probable that UK businesses that have strong trading deals with Italy but no base in Italy will be considering opening a branch in Italy in order to continue to do business. Ultimately, Giambrone is growing exponentially and aims to be a leading global legal service, offering our clients a comprehensive client- focused worldwide legal resource. Giambrone will be reviewing the potential of expanding into other European countries as well as the U.S. The other markets that the firm is investigating are those of the Middle East and China. The first steps have been taken to investigate the potential of the eastern markets to ensure that the best practice from within Giambrone can be applied to these new areas.