AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

16 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Consultiva Internacional is a US Registered Investment Adviser, assisting clients in elements of design, implementation, and the monitoring of investment policies and strategies. We invited Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Myrna Rivera to tell us more about the company and the services that it offers. edicated to providing the best solution and finding the best outcome, Consultiva works with a wealth of different clients, tailoring its processes to accommodate them. Typically, clients are institutions as well and individuals and families. The firm is co-fiduciary with clients, and is often viewed as customers’ outsourced Investment Officer. Despite working in a very competitive industry, Consultiva is able to differentiate itself apart from its competitors thanks to its versatility and diverse team. Myrna tells us a little about how Consultiva stands out within the sector, highlighting the team’s devotion to understanding every little detail about the client and its expectations. “Rooted in a US legal and regulatory framework, Consultiva is a multi-cultural firm. We strive to understand fiscal, tax and estate matters across national boundaries, in order to better integrate our services with those of other client service providers, particularly tax and legal counsel.” This enthusiasm of producing the best result for the client is an integral aspect of the company’s mission, as Myrna explains. She outlines the firm’s overall mission to us and describes how Consultiva integrates innovation into every aspect of its work. “Here at Consultiva, our mission is to support, with our research and client services, each client’s pursuit of their aspirations for wealth preservation and growth. We integrate innovation into our research, portfolio construction, portfolio reporting and all phases of client services.” Having alluded to what helps Consultiva separate itself apart from other similar firms in the financial sector, Myrna goes into more detail by commenting on what techniques the team and staff employ in order to stay ahead of any emerging developments, keeping the company focused on completing its mission. “Some key factors that keep us focused, are capital markets and investment management research, portfolio diversification, cost and tax management, and patience. Consultiva clients are long-term investors. We do not provide trading advice; hence, portfolios Company: Consultiva Internacional, Inc. Contact: Myrna Rivera Address: City View Plaza, Tower 1, Suite 801, Carr. 165 Km 1.2 #48, Guaynabo, PR 00968, Puerto Rico Phone: 00787 763 5868 Website: Creating a Sustainable Level of Financial Self- Sufficiency D 1801AI41 are situated to move over a cycle of many years, often intergenerational. Diversification is key to generating the kind of long-term growth that can keep pace with inflation and minimise volatility, while increasing nominal portfolio values.” With the levels of dedication amongst staff high, it is the thriving work environment and exciting internal culture amongst employees which helps ensure that all staff are best equipped to provide a quality personal service to each client. Myrna speaks about the weekly team meetings that are held, as well as an ongoing training regime which leads to employees being highly skilled and trained for their roles. “At Consultiva, each teammember is provided with the ongoing training required for their position, but also for other related lateral and supervisory positions. Cross- training and team formation are key to understanding and committing to the firm’s mission, each member’s role in upholding that mission and to delivering a client experience that provides comfort and security. Weekly teammeetings keep us all informed of the tasks ahead, to assure that resources are properly placed on behalf of all of our clients.” Looking ahead to the future, Myrna predicts what advances there will be throughout the global financial landscape, and she forecasts how the company will adapt to these potential developments which may arise. “Moving forward, we envision Consultiva as eventually part of a global network of investment services, centred around fiduciary duty and best practices, and integrated with other financial services, such as M&A, asset management and trust services.” Overall, Myrna seems excited about the times ahead, predicting a bright future for Consultiva and hinting at possible expansion and growth in other aspects of the sector, as well as geographically. “Ultimately, Consultiva is now positioned to grow in other markets, capitalising on our multi-cultural reality. Through strategic collaborations, we will continue to explore opportunities in Latin America and other parts of the United States.”