AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 11 A service provider for luxury goods, Beauty Contact was created with a global vision to provide the very best, most innovative perfumes in the industry. We profile the firm and its CEO, Alwyn Stephen as we look to see what the future holds for this illustrious perfume provider. ormed in 2002 and based in Dubai, Beauty Contact was established by Alwyn with a vision of making the company a global provider of beauty products with a worldwide and sterling reputation. The company can provide a turnkey solution for anyone who is interested in a private label project or for those who want to pursue their dream of entering into the world of fragrances. Brimming with ambition, Alwyn is dedicated and determined to achieve his vision of Beauty Contact becoming a global player amongst some of the leading perfume companies in the world, and this has certainly looked achievable. Forging a reputation as an excellent manager and CEO, Alwyn ensures that he and his team are able to attract the best clients and business to his company, and he has worked on many projects with high profile names, which help highlight the successful nature of his work. Showcasing his leadership and innovative nature, Alwyn launched a new line of fragrances, named Pierre Precieuse, a French brand which he and his company have designed, developed, produced and marketed globally. The decision to launch this brand was not taken lightly, and it is a highlight of Alwyn’s that he developed this brand out of nowhere. Pierre Precieuse is a line of inimitable and luxurious fragrances, all of which have received positive responses from a variety of countries. A unique selling point of this brand is that it is original and, in many cases, a luxury that clients will value and treasure forever. What it is about Beauty Contact which entices clients to work with Alwyn and his team? Well, the team are never standing still, always looking to be innovative and creative in their designs and concepts, whilst spending a lot of time monitoring the relevant trends and developments within the fragrance industry. Providing a cost-efficient service alongside high-quality customer care leads many to see Beauty Contact as one of the best in the business. Furthermore, technology is instrumental in the company being able to provide and produce the products it does. With a lot of the work being done by designers who utilise the best technology available, Contact: Alwyn Stephen Address: Beauty Contact, Dubai, UAE Website: Email: alwyn@pierrepre- The Sweet Smell of Success F 1802AI21 the team come up with exceptional designs which are converted into physical products. Located in Dubai, this is the best place to be when it comes to Alwyn being able to do business. It has been his home for over 32 years, and it is where he feels comfortable, both in terms of his home and his business. With Dubai hosting some of the leading sea and airports in the world, Beauty Contact finds it easier to ship goods worldwide, leading to a lot more success for the company. Determined to reach his goals and mission for the company, Alwyn guarantees that his staff are in the best position to provide both an excellent service and produce the best products. If there are any customer queries or issues which may arise, the team are trained to a quality standard meaning that they are able to answer questions at every opportunity. Within the company, the whole team work together and the working environment is something to be admired within Beauty Contact. Following in the footsteps of their leader, staff all pull together and look to reach the same targets. As a leading CEO, Alwyn knows that it is important to listen to his staff and his clients. Fostering an open and honest culture, there are discussions held in team meetings and throughout the company as everyone works hard to improve themselves and their services. Letting staff get on with their job and encouraging them to be independent is a crucial factor in the company success, as Alwyn does not micromanage his staff and instead aids them in their personal development. The success of the company is seen as a group effort, and even though Alwyn is at the head of the company, he believes that everyone contributes to Beauty Contact’s success. Ultimately, aiming to build on its ongoing success, Alwyn has big plans for Beauty Contact as he looks to catapult the company to the top of the industry and help it cement itself as a leader in the market. Working even harder to achieve this target is something Alwyn has no qualms about, as the new and innovative lines and designs will bring more recognition to the company, not only bringing in new business and clients, but helping to retain the services of longer term clients who continue to be impressed with the services offered.