AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 103 The Organisers Ltd is a company which acts as a private concierge for its clients, boasting a team of personal assistants on hand for anything 24/7. We invited last year’s Female CEO of the Year for Business Solutions, Katie Shapley, to tell us a bit more about the services that the team offer. stablished in 1998, The Organisers undertake any task from every aspect of domestic and corporate recruitment, through to property management and renovations/building projects through to arranging travel and parties and administrative tasks. The company works across four core divisions, including lifestyle management and concierge services, property and relocation, schools and education and finally staff and recruitment, aiming to lift the heavy workload that individuals and companies alike find themselves with. Katie starts off by discussing some of the work that the firm undertakes. “Here at The Organisers, we are lucky in that the work is incredibly diverse and varies in scope daily. One day we might be refurbishing an office and the next arranging a party for 500 people across four countries over two weeks! We have a huge database of suppliers and know who to use and importantly, who not to use for any given task. We only work with those companies who have the same attention to detail and share our commitment to delivering exceptional levels of work and service. Outlining her company’s overall mission, Katie explains: “Here at the Organisers, our overall mission is to take care of the day to day challenges for our wealthy clients, so that they can get on with making the world a better place.” “Furthermore, we aim to ensure we continue to provide excellent service to our clients andmake their everyday life easier. We have developed a 4-step process which ensures each task we carry out is effective, efficient and delivered to the highest standards possible. The team regularly reviews and amends our processes to ensure that we are working to the best of our ability.” Onemajor aspect whichmakes the company stand out is the efficiency of the team, according to Katie. Letting clients concentrate on their own businesses, using The Organisers saves clients’ time and delivers them an exceptional service, something Katie is very proud of. “The Organisers work discretely and efficiently in the backgrounds of our clients’ busy lives, using our expertise and creativity to solve problems in a caring, transparent and confidential manner. We have two brand pillars of domestic and corporate support, and we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service within the concierge service and lifestyle management market. Company: The Organisers Ltd. Contact: Katie Shapley Address: Organiser House, 166 Chiltern Drive, Surbiton, Surrey, KT5 8LS, UK Phone: 0207 078 7554 Website: recruitment YourVeryOwn PrivateOffice E 1802AI57 “Additionally, we save clients time by using expertise and contacts unavailable to people outside our circle. We are social, domestic and corporate ‘fixers’. Also, we have over 20 years’ experience and still work for our original clients and, unlike our competitors, we are actively transparent in our dealings with clients and suppliers. Many traditional concierge services charge a membership fee, but The Organisers charge by the hour or create bespoke packages, giving our clients control at all times, which means they feel comfortable asking for small jobs as well as larger projects to be completed. This total involvement in our client’s lives encourages long-term relationships. In fact, after 20 years we still work for the same people who appointed us all those years ago” Operating within the private and the corporate world, Katie comments on what techniques The Organisers employ in order to deliver the best service. ‘’We monitor activity Online tomeasure efficiency and keep excellent records, as well as contribute within the Family Office world and through mainstream publications’’. She is keen to observe that having a good understanding of the industry is integral to the success of the business. “It is as simple as knowing your product. The team are well connected and keep up to date through the news and various social media platforms to ensure we always stay one step ahead. Also, we regularly submit editorial or comments across a variety of journalism databases, as well as speaking at conferences, so are able to see what the pressure points are and where the interest lies for the public within our industry.” Ultimately, Katie is excited about what the future holds for The Organisers. She hints at possible expansion and is clearly pleased at the success across all divisions of the business: “Moving forward, The Organisers are continuing to grow and build on our successes across the four divisions. In particular, our award-winning HomeMaker service is an area we are shining a spotlight on within our Relocation division. Whilst some companies will help you pack and leave you with a pile of boxes at the other end, our HomeMaker expertise extends far beyond that. We have perfected this service so when clients walk into their new home, they find the beds made, the curtains hung, the fridge stocked and all the boxes unpacked and the house cleaned. Our clients confirm this is a fantastic service, and we are looking forward to expanding our partner relationships and taking the relocation industry by storm!”