Issue 12 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2022 7 Fusetec 3D Pty Ltd is an advanced manufacturing company in perpetual research and development mode to answer the question, ‘how do surgeons train?’ Fusetec is disrupting the surgical training environment by providing solutions that will change the way medical training is performed, globally. Here we deep dive into Fusetec, as it wins Additive Manufacturing Company of the Year in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards 2022. Oct22296 usetec sprung to life in 2017, from humble beginnings, when two entrepreneurs, Mark Roe and John Budgen, took a leap of faith and back themselves to solve the surgical training dilemma. Surgeons traditionally train on cadavers which is high risk for all stakeholders. The risk of contracting harmful bacteria is ever present, especially as bacteria can remain dormant in a cadaver for long periods of time. Additionally, cadavers rarely come with a preexisting condition specific to the surgeon’s training requirements. Fusetec’s technology does not contain harmful bacteria, which reduces the need for expensive wet labs and diminishes the regulatory burdens and ethical issues, which often gridlocks surgical training. Fusetec’s ability to advance manufacture human anatomy ensures that each surgical training scenario can be repeated time and time again, to upskill surgeons and residents, while products can be easily transported around the world. Fusetec client base includes several Tier 1 medical device companies and highly ranked educational institutions in the life sciences sector. Receiving constant demand to develop new models, it is evident that Fusetec has developed a reputation as a global leader, in advanced manufactured, human body parts. Fusetec creates “fit for purpose” models to enhance the surgeons learning experience, from complex anatomies to pathologies, with the goal to upskill surgeons and improve healthcare outcomes. F Surgical Training of the Future With perpetual research and development at the core of their DNA, Fusetec has developed over 60 products across several surgical disciplines including Gynae, ENT, Neuro, Ortho and Injectables. With further products in development and many more on back order. As Fusetec’s innovative technology adds value to surgical training, it is entirely possible to reduce the risk of training while providing the hours necessary to develop the skills needed to surgical competency, at a lower cost, and with better results than ever before. Since its humble beginning in 2017, Fusetec has swiftly become a driving force with its successful launch of their first models at a non-cadaveric FESS course in September 2019, McGill University Montreal, and triumphant showing at AOO, New Orleans, Fusetec altered the perceptions of what is possible using advanced manufactured human anatomy. Surgical training ground to a halt as Covid-19 ravished the world and fear ran through the veins of society, while the medical industry scrambled for solutions. During this period Fusetec knuckled down with the belief that once Covid subsided, the medical sector would be reluctant to revert-back to cadaver training. Fusetec doubled down and further developed new anatomical products to de-risk and enhance surgical training forever. In 2021, Fusetec constructed the world first, non-cadaveric Advanced Surgical Training Clinic, in Australia, which is a 25-bed surgical simulation clinic in a fully equipped surgical environment. Fusetec know advance manufactures human body parts and hosts a facility to train surgeons. The Advanced Surgical Training Clinic is rented out daily by Tier 1 medical device companies to facilitate surgical training, using the latest tools and technology. Fusetec is highly revered for offering its pioneering courses with surgeons travelling from around the globe to upskill in a controlled environment. Fusetec has been the recipient of many awards over the past few years, including the Ausbiotech – Johnson and Johnson Emerging Company of the Year 2022. We are proud to be this year’s recipient of the Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards 2022 for Additive Manufacturing Company of the Year Contact: Mark Roe – John Budgen – Company: Fusetec 3D Pty Ltd Web Address: