Issue 12 2022

26 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2022 Oct22136 Pristine Protection Identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities before they become a problem can be no small feat however, we have found a cybersecurity company that is changing up the pace in the industry. White Hack Labs has now won Best Cloud & Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions, New York, for all of its fine work and exceptional efforts lockchain is a kind of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that contains records of blocks (data) that were initially created. This processing of blocks needs to be secure from leaks or breeches, so that our data can be stored and used correctly. Bitcoin is a great example of blockchain technology. With regards to banks and other third parties, transactions – or connections – may be made in order to transfer money, or data. Where Bitcoin is concerned, there is no third party, there is only a transaction from one place to another – which is why the transferral of assets can be more risky. Using cryptography keeps exchanges secure, which is exactly where DLT comes in. DLTs create a network of computers that must approve an exchange before it can be validated and stored in a record – protecting us. White Hack Labs introduces its penetration testing, red teaming, and vulnerability assessments to keep our assets and data safe. Not only does it work hard to keep us secure, but it presents solutions that can prevent any problems from arising in the first place. White Hack Labs protects vulnerable data as well as providing worldwide legal compliance. It does this by analysing data within the B Cloud and blockchain sphere, enabling the safe and secure storage and use of said data. White Hack Labs identifies undetected data and vulnerabilities that pre-exist so that they can be protected from abuse, breaches, or corruption. It offers breach insurance, virus and malware protection, and much more, so that we can rest assured we – and our transactions – are taken care of. Disallowing any unauthorised traffic throughout every network noted, White Hack Labs gives us added security through its audits for HIPAA or PCI-DSS. Its Cloud and blockchain infrastructure security cuts through the noise of the industry, allowing us to feel relaxed. It breaks things down for us to create better understanding and, being an accounting and attorney based SaaS service, it can guarantee safety. In today’s shared Cloud environment, White Hack Labs promises a bright future for technology. The corporate world’s need for blockchain insurance has not overwhelmed White Hack Labs, it has fuelled it. Going above and beyond to keep its services refined, advanced, and utterly superior, White Hack Labs is staying one step ahead of its competitors. Looking to the future, White Hack Labs is set to keep the cybersecurity realm a safer place and, aside from what it does now, it will go on to invent more ways to elevate its services. We are proud to present it with the enormous accolade of Best Cloud & Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions, New York – long may its success continue. Contact: Pasha Probiv Company: White Hack Labs Web: “Using multiple customized, manual analysis parameters and the latest automation tools we create a security evaluation that offers current risks assessment analysis as well as form an actionable continuous security regiment. We identify new vulnerabilities introduced by incremental code movement and is designed to provide you with constant, comprehensive, and efficient security testing coverage.” “White Hack Labs can guide your company to quickly and securely navigate the security responsibilities associated with operating in an IaaS environment. This is the primary concern of our company is make sure your company makes intelligent and educated decisions when operating in a public environment.”