Issue 12 2021

14 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 they were eligible for and how to claim it. In short, I was there for my clients the entire time – unlike many of their previous accountants.” Hetty has a unique USP as it’s not just about what she is good at and how she wants to run her business, but it’s how she wants to be remembered by her clients. Hetty has always been a people-first business since the pandemic has been recognised for exactly that; a company and a person you can trust and rely on for support and expert financial information. Additionally, due to the pandemic, her business model has continued to adapt, especially with adding more business mentoring and advisory over the past six months. Hetty explains, “I am passionate about helping my clients build their businesses and to get them to understand their numbers by using the Profit First model to make their businesses consistently profitable.” With the changes that have happened in the past two years specifically, it is good to know that Hetty has been around, helping those with genuine financial struggles and putting a positive impact back within the lives of those who work with her. Service You Can Account On. etty Verney Accounting was established in 1998 and, since its launch, has aided many individual clients and businesses from start-ups to large corporations. In addition, Hetty’s overall expertise and love of the job has helped people and companies alike thrive and succeed – all due to her incredible efforts and knowledge. Founded out of pure necessity, Hetty Verney started her accounting firm to create a better life balance. Being a single mother to two boys, Hetty wanted to create a life that would not only fulfil her but allow her the flexibility to spend time with her family. Once she decided to turn her life around, Hetty headed towards her local college and signed up for something she knew she was good at – maths. Hetty explains, “The workers at my local college asked If I thought about being an accountant, and I laughed and said, ‘do I look like your average accountant?’ and that’s where it all started.” Copious amounts of studying, researching, assignments and exams later, Hetty began her newfound career as an accountant and had been strongly running for over 23 years. During this period, Hetty Verney has evolved from an accountancy business into a mentoring firm that offers accountancy services. However, it isn’t just the business that has evolved but Hetty herself stating, “I have become a recognised Profit First Professional and a Business Mentor for the Princes Trust Young Entrepreneurs, which I love. I was told a while ago that my divine gift was to mentor and coach, so now, I help small business owners understand their numbers, make their profit consistent and help them realise their dreams for their businesses and their lives.” Whilst the initial business has changed slightly over the years, with confidence and determination, so has Hetty; however, the same fact remains - its core values in which the firm was founded – kindness, compassion, and integrity at all costs. Figuring out finances can be a nightmare, and it can feel like a chore with the wrong person in charge. With Hetty, people come first, and finances come second as the fundamental aim for the firm is to help, and you can’t help businesses without helping the people inside them first. However, like many businesses over the past two years, Hetty’s firm has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but with a positive twist. Hetty Explains, “I have been busier than ever, and It has pushed me into doing new things. For instance, I began making live videos on Facebook doing ‘Friday Focus Live’ every Friday without fail, and I love it. I also started doing short webinars for my clients to show them what H Everyone needs good health – a good body, mind, and soul. However, despite the traditional understanding of health, it’s not just a physical or spiritual necessity; it also relates to finances. Recognised within Acquisition International 2021 for its excellence, Hetty Verney Accounting is an expert accounting firm who not only aids those in financial crisis but supports them through mentoring, assisting start-ups and prominent businesses flourish. Company: Hetty Verney Mentoring Name: Hetty Verney Email: Website: Oct21429