Issue 12 2019

42 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Sep19323 ince 1993, Nicholas Giannuzzi has focused on the legal representation and growth of small to mid-sized consumer products companies, which have become some of the best- known and most successful category leaders in the United States. In 2010, Nick launched the Giannuzzi Group, a premier law firm focused on guiding clients to help them achieve their business, brand, and product development goals. The Giannuzzi Group’s practice specializes in the food-and-beverage/CPG industry. Over the years, the firm has worked hard to secure a solid reputation within that niche. The firm partners and associates noted that building a good reputation often involves more than just moving from one document to the next – as it is key to have a strategic understanding of the larger picture. The firm also marks the importance of keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry: successes clients can learn from, pitfalls to avoid, and the individual players who drive the industry forward. The Giannuzzi Group understands that any decision – no matter how small it may seem – plays a role in the long-term goals of their clients. It is often the most seemingly insignificant decisions that have the largest impact on setting up a business for a successful exit. Every decision matters, and every decision needs an expert hand to guide it. When it comes to expert hands in the food and beverage industry, there are few that can compete with the Giannuzzi Group. Located in the hip, trendy Meatpacking District in Manhattan, the firm has cultivated a unique company culture that is unlike many law firms. They liken their work environment to a start-up culture, emphasizing the power of the individual to creative a positive, productive and inclusive work environment. They promote adaptability, creative problem solving and open communication. Collaboration remains a cornerstone of this culture, playing a vital role in the overall success of the firm. Perhaps unusual for the stereotypically formal law sphere, the Giannuzzi Group promotes a more fun, casual setting with a kitchen and common area that is fully- stocked with their clients’ healthy snacks and drinks. If collaboration is the cornerstone, creativity, innovation and expertise remain the backbone – this is a firm that understands the needs and ‘character’ of their clients but drives success through an unparalleled ability to unite a fun culture with hard-hitting legal services. It’s a potent combination. S The Giannuzzi Group is a boutique firm servicing a unique and important part of the consumer-driven food and beverage business. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the AI Legal Awards, we endeavoured to find out more about their unwavering expertise in this niche, but crucially important, sub-sector of the greater legal landscape. Best Consumer Brand Law Boutique - New York & Award for Distinction in Product Development Legal Services 2019 With their rapidly expanding client base, it can be no surprise that the firm has recently launched a second location in Los Angeles, California. They expanded their national presence to the Santa Monica neighbourhood in order to better accommodate some clients and become a bigger part of the community there. The west coast is, after all, a creative powerhouse, especially in the consumer environment and healthy snack market – a veritable cornucopia of opportunity for the Giannuzzi Group. Moving forward, the firm will cement itself within the food and beverage industry as a valuable resource and touchstone for young brands – first-time entrepreneurs, recent MBA graduates, and seasoned entrepreneurs new to the CPG space. The Giannuzzi Group will continue to deliver their patented level of attention, insight and personalised service that larger practices are simply unable to offer. Contact: Nicholas Giannuzzi Company: The Giannuzzi Group Address: 411 West 14th Street, Suite 4, New York City, New York 10014 Telephone: 2125042060 Web Address: