Issue 12 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 37 Sep19529 Company: Escuela de Privacidad Contact: Heidy Balanta Website: ersonal data, and data in general, has rapidly become one of the valuable commodities in the world today. Companies and individuals across the world are being urged to be sensible with sharing their personal information, and rightly so. Cybercrime has been consistently rising over the last few years, with increasing costs for those unprepared to deal with any attacks that may come their way. Fortunately, for companies who have offices in Colombia, Heidy Balanta and Escuela de Privacidad offer consulting services and advice on personal data protection to ensure it remains completely safe and used only in legal manners. Literally translated to the School of Security, Escuela de Privacidad aims to provide all of their clients with comprehensive support in the areas of computer law and new technologies. For both private and public organisations, the correct management and protection of personal data is extremely important in pursuit of continued excellence and a sterling reputation. The company is spearheaded by top-quality lawyer Heidy Balanta, who specialises in computer law and new technologies with a master’s degree in Economic Law from the Externado University of Colombia. Acting as the executive director of Escuela de Privacidad, Heidy has advised, consulted and taught all manner of companies to effectively implement personal data protection programmes. Data encompasses a large area in the modern world, and so it is important that clients of Escuela de Privacidad also feel as though they are getting services which help them cover large areas. Whilst fulfilling that promise to offer unparalleled consulting services and advice on personal data protection, the firm’s central focus is on ensuring that everything Heidy trains the clients to do is implemented into programmes. The implementation can be helped by ensuring that knowledge is passed on to those responsible for the management of sensitive data, and monitoring the effectiveness of Escuela’s consulting services. Operating with more than eight years of experience within the arenas of law and technology, Escuela de Privacidad is undoubtedly one of the safest options in the Colombian market right now. More than offering just one solutions that promises to fix all of a clients’ personal data management needs, Heidy knows the key to the success of implemented programmes lies in the fact that they are customised for each client. Beyond the bespoke nature of the solutions that the school offer however, Heidy and Escuela de Privacidad also strives to ensure that P With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulations several years ago, courtesy of the European Union, the management of personal data has become a subject of great scrutiny. For companies of all sizes in the world today, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that personal data is protected for good. In Colombia, one firm is helping ensure that its clientele is protected to the highest legal standards of excellence. We dive right into what has made Escuela de Privacidad the best compliance and personal data protection advisors in Colombia. Best Compliance & Personal Data Protection Advisors - Colombia its clients receive the permanent support after the implementation has taken place. Adjustments may be required to cater for specific needs, and constant communication with the client is a necessity to ensure complete privacy of data during ongoing work. Working with some of the largest companies in the world who have offices in Colombia, the firm has collaborated with the likes of Sanofi, Samsung, Medtronic, and a myriad of local organisations. Not content to simply train certain staff members in sensitive and legal handling of personal data, Escuela de Privacidad’s focus is squarely on all areas where personal data is present throughout a company. As gladiators in the digital world continue to clamour over one another in a fight for personal data, it is more important than ever that both companies know how to protect the data they are entrusted with. For this firm, that means training clients and helping them ensure that their digital barriers are well established and their reputation remains completely intact. Data will continue to become more and more valuable, as the work of Escuela de Privacidad becomes more and more vital.