Issue 12 2019

32 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Sep19181 pecialising in a limited number of fields, Busse & Miessen focus their work on construction, real estate, healthcare, and franchising. The latter is where Dr Patrick Giesler comes in, one of the country’s foremost experts on franchising, having worked exclusively in the field and been involved in building more than 180 franchise systems. Beginning his legal journey in 1995, Dr Giesler has since been selected by Lawyer Monthly Magazine as one of the world’s top 100 lawyers, and is one of the few German lawyers recommended for franchising. Not content to simply offering expert legal advice in franchising, Dr Giesler also focuses his activity and consultation work on contracts, international expansion, strategic business consulting, and business law. Alongside numerous publications on the franchise and distribution law, Dr Giesler has also written approximately one hundred articles across a myriad of outlets in the last twenty years. His various memberships and roles outside of the firm include being President of the International Franchise Lawyers Association, expert at the German Franchise Association, chairman of a franchise company, and memberships in various legal associations. During his time with Busse & Miessen, Dr Giesler has worked with the franchise practice group, solely representing the interests of franchisors, making a huge difference in the German market. The firm’s franchise practice group operates as an external legal S Home to one of Germany’s most renowned lawyers for franchisors, Busse & Miessen is a traditional, medium- sized law firm with thirty lawyers providing legal services for industries. The renowned lawyer in question is Dr Patrick Giesler, Germany’s leading franchise and distribution lawyer of the year. We examine the firm and Dr Giesler’s success as part of Acquisition International’s look at some of 2019’s leading advisers. Leading German Lawyer Engineers Success department for franchisors, rendering advice on a constant basis and helping clients expand their business worldwide. For some of the larger franchise networks that the firm work with, they are actually part of the client’s management. As for the German franchise market, Busse & Miessen has a share in the market of almost 40%, representing the interests of more than 300 franchisors. The franchisors come from all over the world, including the UK, US, France and The Netherlands, and from many different industries such as restaurants, retailers, sports facilities, hotels and handicraft services. As a senior partner, Dr Giesler authors and edits some of the most relevant books on German franchising law. Also, Dr Giesler and his legal partner in the franchise practice group Dr Volker Güntzel are the editors of the only professional journal for franchisors. What’s more, the pair are chief organisers of the “Bonn Day of Franchising Law”, one of the most important conferences in that specific field. Drawing on specialised knowledge refined over nearly two and a half decades, Dr Giesler’s continued success in franchise and distribution law has cemented his status as one of the country’s finest minds on the subject. His ongoing work as part of Busse & Miessen is unrivalled, and he is a truly trusted partner with the expertise to help achieve any desired outcome. Contact: Dr Patrick Giesler Website: