Issue 12 2019

28 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Oct19617 Contact: Leia Ruffini Company: Makersite Web Address: Telephone: 0033 06 86 49 85 47 stablished in September 2018, Makersite has gone from strength to strength within the industry. Already award-winning, this product management platform is the world’s largest product knowledge graph on the market. Over the years, the firm have allowed companies the opportunity to access fully integrated digital versions of their products, with the performance available to analyse, improve and maintain at the multi-dimensional level that modern businesses need. Aimed at companies that struggle with complexity, Makersite fills a gap in the market that has been growing for around 15 years. Most product data management systems still date from this period and are static and disconnected. This means that a lot of information is collected, but unused by businesses, creating blind spots for operation. Instead of being able to consider the data in its entirety, decisions are made without analysing the impact of this on other aspects. Makersite operates by collating this information into product-focused analytics assessing product performance around sustainability, cost and compliance. Packed with over 100 data feeds, many live and all integrated, teams can assess their innovative new ideas around the best available information. Questions like “Where could we find savings opportunities on production costs for this particular design?” or “What could be a more sustainable alternative for this product line?”, which take a few seconds to answer. Makersite’s state-of-the-art approach to product data management has allowed companies of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of what it has to offer. For larger enterprises, the reduction in complexity and increase in agility is the main aim, while for small businesses, the search for cost effective solutions is the main driving force. Makersite has a strong background in allowing companies to cut costs across the board. Embedding sustainability by the company’s product can provide up to 40x savings in cost, and the ability to calculate real-time product costing from first design through to final specification with up to 60x savings in real time. For one client, the addition of Makersite to the development processed transformed the should-cost analysis from a month and a half long process to a matter of minutes with 95% accuracy. With the ability to accurately calculate the costs of custom parts still in the design stage incredibly quickly, the business was able to take on extra work in a shorter time span, while not upsetting the workflow of the procurement team. The diverse team behind Makersite are all purpose-driven and highly-specialist. With an average of more than ten years’ experience between this small, but growing team of fifteen, there is no problem that they can’t handle between them. With a dynamic team, the E It’s a time of intensive change for companies with the complexity of product manufacturing and customer expectation are rising exponentially, and rapidly beyond the control of the businesses that are in charge of running them. Offering a solution to this seemingly uncontrollable growth, Makersite provide analytics at an incredible speed in order to stay on top of the process. Makersite Masters engineers at Makersite interact directly with customers, allowing them to understand their problems and develop software solutions without middlemen. With a period of rapid growth ahead, following the tremendous success of Makersite’s first 12 months, the company aims to use that success to grow the organisation to serve more clients even more effectively. Partnership with global actors has allowed Makersite a local presence in over 500 locations, allowing the business to serve customers faster and more flexibly. In terms of solutions, an increase in AI across all systems, the use of even more data and the release of a software development kit are all on the horizon. The last is planned for release in 2020 and will allow partners and customers to build their own applications on top of the base platform. Providing a desperately needed solution, it’s no wonder that this enterprising new business has managed to make such an impact on the industry so quickly. Makersite allows better decisions to be made quickly and accurately. In a rapidly changing landscape, it’s the boost that every company is looking for.