Issue 12 2019

18 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Oct19628 As data and technology become some of the most valuable commodities in the world, cyber crime has inevitably continued to rise and is more of a threat to businesses than it ever has been. At a time where the rapid advancement of technology has given way to dangerous threats, innovation in cyber threat intelligence has become vastly important. Nucleon, a Florida-based firm, have led that innovation in 2019 to become one of the best within the cyber-security industry, and we profile them to find out how. Defending The Digital World or firms who want their cyber security to be the absolute best, it makes sense to hire the absolute best to help. Nucleon was founded by veterans of the cyber security industry, each boasting more than twenty years’ worth of experience working to better understand the cyber threat intelligence market and the weaknesses that need combatting. With prior experience of having created and sold a cyber security start-up, the founders of Nucleon knew that they didn’t want to stop looking for a way to truly help organisations deal with potential cyber-attacks. That’s where Nucleon finds itself now, developing new technologies and methods to help companies leverage the benefits of automated autonomous proactive security measures that predict cyber- attacks and block them. Newly-patented technology will enable all companies, from SMEs to multinational corporations, to gather actionable cyber threat intelligence for analysis to determine whether or not a cyber-attack is coming, and how best to prevent it. An innovative start-up that was formed in 2016, Nucleon has been growing and expanding rapidly to work with industry-leading clients from across Europe, North America and Asia. More than three years on, the firm is continuing to extend its reach, gaining strong market traction because of its unique ability to predict cyber-attacks against organisations, and then delay or prevent them entirely. By helping organisations leverage the power of data awareness and machine learning, every client can have access to cost-effective cyber threat intelligence programmes. Back in 2017, Nucleon filed patents for polymorphic sensors, a new and innovative form of cyber intelligence analysis that are designed to monitor the Internet in search of knowledge about known and unknown cyber-attacks. A few years on from the initial patent filing, the firm’s core services and offerings revolves around the beating heart of the Polymorphic Sensors. Perhaps described best as honeypot decoy systems, Nucleon’s polymorphic sensors are unique in their gathering of data regarding cybercrimes and criminal activities, both new and old. Each sensor is crafted to look and feel exactly like a real network. Disguised to look as though it is at work within a bank, municipality, airport or other major business, each sensor also gives the appearance of vulnerabilities just waiting to be exploited. However, the mimicry allows the technology to gather data on how cyber criminals are operating across the world, and analyse patterns of attack preparation. The polymorphic technology allows each sensor to change location and the type of network it mimics to prevent its identity from being revealed. F Knowing that cybercrime never rests, nor does Nucleon’s network of polymorphic sensors. Gathering data 24/7 and distributed across the entire world, the sensors work in stealth whilst collecting actionable intelligence about attackers and cybercrime to help clients block attacks before they happen. These polymorphic sensors work in tandem with other cyber-security products to greater enhance the safety and protection of data. Nucleon’s other cyber-security offering happens to be one of the biggest open source intelligence platforms currently available, Cybercure. Offering free security-related lists of threats on the Internet, the platform provides users across the world with daily security. Also offering a blog and a podcast, there has rarely been an easier time to ensure a business’ cyber-security with the expert knowledge that Nucleon are imparting. Working alongside some of the world’s biggest banks, insurance companies, and governments, the firm are helping ensure that everyone’s data is protected through efficient, reliable and actionable threat intelligence regarding the cyber community. Cybercrime has risen to fast become one of the costliest and most devastating forms of attack a business can experience. Entire infrastructures can be brought crashing down in a matter of seconds, and personal data of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people can be compromised or stolen. With all of this and more on the line, why take the risk? Nucleon employ the best of the best, constantly seeking the latest tech-savvy innovations to drive forward the fight back against cyber-attacks wherever they may appear. Contact: Inbal Levi Website: “Nucleon employ the best of the best, constantly seeking the latest tech-savvy innovations to drive forward the fight back against cyber-attacks wherever they may appear.”