AI Magazine Issue 12 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2018 61 SINGULANCE is a New York based internationally acclaimed award- winning law firm. Recently, we caught up with Massimiliano Caruso as we looked to discover more about the award-winning services the team provide to stay ahead of the game. n less than ten years, SINGULANCE has become one of legal partners of choice for some of the most discerning innovative companies in the world which are in need of creative top tier legal solutions, as well as a gateway to legal services and business networks in the world. Over the years, the team at SINGULANCE have established a sterling reputation for focusing on complex matters that require attention, extensive experience and high expertise. Essentially, the teamplace a strong focus on: • Multi-jurisdictional and global transactions. The firm assist on international and cross-borders law-sensitive complex aspects of business, corporate finance and securities, IP, privacy and data security. • Disruptive innovations with global impact. The team advise emerging companies on structuring disruptive projects into existing regulations on a global scale through each stage of their development. Currently, with SINGULANCE as a legal partner: • Large well–established companies with global operations are handling some of the largest, most complex and demanding business, corporate and financial transactions around the world. • Fintech companies are handling the increased legal complexity of financial products and stringent oversight and regulation, applying commercial thinking to the regulatory and risk landscape. • Early-stage start-ups raising funds through blockchain – enabled means are successfully benefiting from the collective experience of lawyers of different jurisdictions from corporate, securities, tax, IP, regulatory and other practices to navigate the evolving legal landscape on a global scale. • Blockchain companies are implementing innovative corporate governance systems that promote more democratic and participatory decision making, applying decentralization to the governance of an entity/corporate conglomerate as outcome of our researches on distributed consensus, rather than regular hierarchical corporate governance systems. • Big data analysis companies are getting value out of their data, whilst protecting sensitive information frommisuse and abuse globally. Going into further detail about the approach taken when working alongside a new client, Massimiliano begins by explaining to us how the team at SINGULANCE ensures right from the beginning that the outcomemeets the needs of everyone involved. “Here at SINGULANCE, what we believe sets us apart fromour competitors is that we have always been based Company: SINGULANCE Address: One World Trade Center, Suite 8500, New York, USA Website: Email: Redesigning and Redefining Legal Services I 1810AI12 on two very simple rules. The first, if your competitors are doing it, don’t. The second, always do more than is required of you. “The latter appears to be simpler, however it is not. Traditional law firms, particularly large-scale law firms, are organized for efficiency or consistency. In the end, they do not really do more than what is required. The goal here at SINGULANCE is to have a client service that is not just the best, but legendary. The reason is that clients remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price. This is why we continually work on redesigning, redefining legal services. The biggest transition to becoming an outstanding law firm is when you understand that ‘you do not get paid for doing things – you get paid for getting things done’ and act accordingly.” Whendiscussingthefirm’sremarkableaccomplishments that the team have achieved throughout the years, Massimiliano is keen to highlight the key attributes which he believes are essential to achieving success within the industry. “There is a myth that being smart and competent are the keys to becoming a successful lawyer. In my opinion, any lawyer should consider working on the following if the goal is to achieve real success in a specific sector: • Passion: You have to be deeply passionate about practicing as lawyer. From my experiences with talking to lawyers, many would answer this question in a negative view. The truth is that, as it is in other professions and industries, for many lawyers, being a lawyer is just a job. • Perseverance: Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other. • Creativity: The very top lawyers are not only logical and analytical, but they display a great deal of creativity in their problem solving.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Massimiliano signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at SINGULANCE, especially following their recent success as the Best Cross-Border Business Law Firm 2018 - New York in Acquisition Intl.’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards. “Today’s globalized world has incredibly complex legal challenges and seemingly intractable business of law problems. We want to continue to try to make the complex simple and repeatedly contribute to major evolutions in business and corporate law in order to advance the interests of our clients. Our aspiration is to keep SINGULANCE as the most recognizable law firm worldwide for international/global business and corporate complex transactions – i.e. business and corporate transactions involving multiple jurisdictions.”