AI Magazine Issue 12 2018

56 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2018 Britta Kruger, CEO of beauty training and supplies provider, Flirties, tells us the secrets to her success. lirties is renowned as a highly reputable training provider and worldwide supplier of high-quality, innovative products for beauty professionals and those wanting to start, or further, their career in the beauty industry. Britta Krueger, CEO of Flirties, tells us a little more about the business. “We offer training to those who want to set up their own business, learn about beauty treatments or add courses to their portfolio,” she explains. “We also offer marketing and business support, tutoring and refresher training. “In addition to the training we supply qualified therapists worldwide with our Flirties products across the different treatment ranges, including lash and brow enhancements, tanning, waxing and nail extensions.” The training courses are designed to offer a more 1-2- 1 level of tuition, with only four students being taught in any one class. This enables Flirties’ trainers to offer each individual as much of their time as possible for the maximum learning experience. “We call our training the learning journey as it doesn’t end after the initial training day,” Britta embellishes. “We actually believe that the learning journey starts with the actual training day as this is where the foundation is created and the student gets to learn the fundamental skills. From then on, we support students through their case studies, their first clients, experiences with new treatments, how to deal with bookings, appointment times, dealing with difficult clients, marketing and promoting the business, and anything else the student or therapist needs to know when starting out on their new venture. “Usually the student develops a close bond with the trainer and they form a long-lasting relationship. In addition, the student has access to the full team of educators so there is always someone at hand to help.” The Flirties team consists of highly passionate and motivated educators who all share one thing in common - they thrive on helping others! “We all want the same: to support students, pass on knowledge and help customers,” enthuses Britta. “Our team is very close knit and we interact to support each other so that each team member can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience of the full team. We all have different strengths and, only together as a team, can we be the strongest and the best. Contact: Britta Krueger Company: Flirties Products and Training Ltd. Unit 1-2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU, UK Telephone: 0845 022 22 33 Web Address: Facebook: beautytrixme Beauty Secrets F 1810AI48 “As a trainer you need true dedication to your passion and you need the ability to self-motivate and organise yourself as it can be very time consuming and challenging if you do it right. “It is most rewarding for us to help students from their first contact with us, to becoming confident and competent, and turning their dream into the reality of owning and running a successful business. Despite the passion and drive that Britta and her team at Flirties possess, she explains that there are a still so many training providers out there who do not give a good service, thus creating challenges within the beauty industry. “It is very disappointing to see trainers without ethical standards who will put large amounts of students in each class and reduce a full training day to just two or three hours in order to earn more money quickly, without caring about the students and their start into the new venture,” she says. “Whilst we now have EU regulations in place, sadly, a lot of providers and suppliers still offer illegal products and grey imports to students which pose a risk to students, clients and models, as well as causing their insurance to be void. “Just like other industries, it is important for this sector to become regulated to ensure that training providers offer fundamental and thorough training instead of rushed courses without background knowledge, back-up or student support. “We are constantly assessing our educators, amending courses to stay up-to-date with regulations and improved techniques, and trying to make the learning experience easier, whilst maintaining the high standards. “We also help those who have been less fortunate with their initial training with other companies and offer conversion training or tutoring to help them get up-to- date and improve their skills and knowledge so that they can start out on the right foot too.” With regards to the future, Britta foresees expansion of the Flirties portfolio to offer further courses and treatments to allow therapists to increase their client base and income. “We are also expanding on our online course content to offer training solutions to those who are not fortunate enough to be near one of our trainers and we will ensure that our training is always tailored to each group of students, no matter which country or region they are in.”