AI Magazine Issue 12 2018

36 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2018 Hulbert Volio Montero prides itself on the bespoke service it can deliver to clients, which is what makes it stand out from the crowd. We speak to founder, Andrea Hulbert, about how dedication and teamwork really is the key to success. ulbert Volio Montero is a boutique law firm specializing in litigation and arbitration, domestic and international, with its offices located in the Jorge Volio J. Corporate Center in Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica. Andrea Hulbert is the founding partner and director of Hulbert Volio Montero Abogados. She tells us more about the rationale behind the firm’s inception “The law firm was established to provide the country with a specialized ADR and litigation team, which is proactive, conscientious and strategic in the management of court and arbitration proceedings,” she explains. “We also provide conflict prevention service by giving timely advice during the structuring of business and the preparation of contracts. “We have a serious and responsible work method, in which direct and periodical communication with the client prevails. Our clients do enjoy the necessary advice for preventing conflicts as well as achieving successful negotiations prior to Court of Arbitration proceedings.” The company’s goal is clearly one: client satisfaction first and foremost. “Hulbert Volio Montero acknowledges that each problem is unique,” states Andrea. “Our work plan is specially designed to meet the needs of our clients by means of exclusive, responsible and customized litigation. Informing our clients of the variety of solutions available to them is essential. The right solutions are those that respond to our client’s specific needs. “The client is our main priority,” she continues. “Every client has a first meeting or phone call with us with the aim of understanding exactly who the client is, what their needs are and what they want out of this. After that, a case study or corporate study is performed to present a well-determined list of tasks, timeline, and strategy. We make sure that Contact: Andrea Hulbert Company: Hulbert Volio Montero Address: Centro Corporativo Jorge Volio J. Avenida 0, Calle 1 Santa Ana, 10901 San José, Costa Rica, Telephone: + 506 2205 5000 Web Address: Boutique Offering H 1809AI14 the client understands the difference between what he wants and what we can deliver according to our law, procedural system, the other party situation, etc.” At Hulbert Volio Montero, each and every case becomes the subject matter of a rigorous legal case study to establish adequate legal solutions and the best strategy based on the facts, the existing evidence and the client needs. “This process is followed with proactive litigation,” Andrea embellishes. “This involves permanent follow-up of each case, all of which permits us to offer a high-quality and customized litigation service. Usually, cases are reviewed by a member of the team once a month to determine the status and the correct steps to follow. In addition, the client will receive an informative e-mail about the trial, keeping them up-to-date every step of the way Andrea and the team at Hulbert Volio Montero have their feet firmly on the ground. Despite the pressure to join larger, multinational law firms, Andrea has so far shunned the ‘giants’ in favour of keeping her services more bespoke. “We have decided to continue being a boutique law firm where what you receive is a service with great knowledge and experience. Our high degree of specialty makes us unique and will keep making us stand out from the crowd. “The need for our services has a constant increase that allows us to not only provide excellent quality services to our clients but also to invest in the acquisition of new talent.” The current dispute resolution lawyers at Hulbert Volio Montero have ample experience in the management of complex cases in and out of the Courts. Trial experience and familiarity with the local rules and procedures makes Hulbert Volio the ideal local advisor for non - litigation attorneys or for trial attorneys who are not familiar with the practice in this jurisdiction. “Knowledge is the key to excellence. The members of our team are and will be choose by their high level of knowledge and their commitment to do the best work in the management of each case. Hulbert Volio Montero is also devoted to educate and prepare the litigation attorneys and the administrative and support staff.” “The need for our services has a constant increase that allows us to not only provide excellent quality services to our clients but also to invest in the acquisition of new talent.”