AI Magazine Issue 12 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2018 13 Record Breakers In 1987, the Dumbroff case resulted in record-setting settlement. Silberstein was a trial attorney for the Public Service Mutual Insurance Company and in a ten year time-frame never lost a single case. Some of his great legal victories were: Gallo, Fusfeld, & Baez. These cases were great victories for the client, the firm and the New York Bar Association. Each set historical precedents. The New York Law Journal named Jerome D. Silberstein’s prior firm, Reichenbaum & Silberstein, as one of the five big winners in medical malpractice suits against the city in December 1987. Reichenbaum & Silberstein, having settled a case for $2.6 million, was second of the five top firms listed. He also represented The Dental Society. In February 1967, Silberstein won one of the largest cases in Nassau history for one, Arthur Lebowitz, who was run down and left with two fractured legs. Silberstein said: “Lebowitz was once an avid skier who would never again be able to indulge in the social and athletic activities that composed a substantial part of his life prior to the accident.” The verdict was for 500K (an astronomical verdict for 1967) in damages to Mr. Lebowitz. Both Joseph Awad and Joseph Miklos are highly active trial and appellate attorneys and utilise the latest technology and trial presentation techniques. Their unique approach to trial, using