Issue 11 2021

54 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Apr21116 The Firm Protecting the Legal Rights of Native Peoples Being the ‘Leading Aboriginal and Native American Law Attorney of the Year’ for New York, Odawi Law PLLC provides a unique and essential premium service. Focusing on the law protecting Indigenous peoples and lands, this firm unflinchingly defends the rights of the people living on sovereign tribal lands in a manner that considers the history, law, and politics of settler colonial engagement. Overall, Odawi Law is a law firm like no other, and across the board, its tribal clients appreciate the dedication, respect and tenacity that permeates everything it does. Sep 7 0 dawi Law PLLC, an exemplary advisory and legal service operating in Seneca Nation territory in the state of New York, is a firm that provides legal and government relations services to sovereign Indigenous nations and peoples within the USA. Fundamentally, this firm’s mission is to ensure that the US Government honours the treaties it struck with the Indigenous nations of the country, showing legal and governmental bodies the importance of honouring its legal obligations. Odawi Law is run by a sole trader and consummate professional in Robert Odawi Porter, a Seneca Nation citizen who is a highly capable legal expert who works hard to ensure that Native rights are being treated with respect and dignity by non-Native governing bodies that too often violate those rights and legal obligations. Indeed, the US Government treating Indigenous peoples disrespectfully and with flagrant disregard for treaty obligations is not a relic of the distant past. It is, in fact, more prevalent than one might think, and completely unacceptable; this is where Odawi Law steps in to help, forged by the rock-solid values that have shaped the career of the founder. Above all else, Odawi Law serves its clients – those O belonging to sovereign tribal nations and companies doing business with those nations – with diligence and tenacity, putting forward all relevant expertise and experience in order to provide comprehensive and knowledgeable services. Odawi Law’s focus is centered on the experience of the founder as an elected President of the Seneca Nation of Indians. He is also a former tenured Professor of Law and current Visiting Professor at Cornell Law School, with much legislative work and lobbying under his belt, allowing him to bring Odawi Law as a company to the forefront of modern American legal and legislative practice as a leader in this market segment. In tandem with all of this, the culture at Odawi Law is something a client can benefit from during every interaction, from that first call with Mr Porter to when they shake hands at conclusion of a matter. Odawi Law finds it incredibly important to put the client, their culture, and respect for their rights first at all times. By operating in this manner, Odawi Law turns the sometimes distressing experience of having to manage legal battles against the federal and state governments into something that proceeds with as much chance of success as possible. Its clients – each of whom go on to recommend its work to colleagues and peers as a result – have commended this as market leading across the board, and with the level of intelligence, commitment, and purpose involved in the work undertaken, it is easy to see how Odawi Law has become a jewel in the crown of its industry. Moreover, Odawi Law also knows that not all things in life can be serious. Thusly, this firm seeks to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its clients, allowing them to have some comfort during challenging times. All in all, this is simply part of the way that Odawi Law likes to interact with its clients and stakeholders by focusing on the people and relationships to maintain engagement with clients as best as possible as the world recovers from the impacts of the Coronavirus. The founder looks forward to seeing what challenges and opportunities will arise in the future, promising that its clients can continue to expect the excellence and expertise that has become synonymous with this firm’s operations long into the future. Company: Odawi Law PLLC Contact: Robert Odawi Porter Website: