Issue 11 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2020 35 Winners’ Listings i ’ i ti Leading Maritime and Shipping Litigation Lawyer of the Year, Germany Lebuhn & Puchta - Simone Claussen Leading SME Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm of the Year, United Kingdom Hetty Verney Accounting - Hetty Verney Leading Intellectual Property Enforcement and Prosecution Law Firm of the Year, Singapore Ella Cheong LLC - Soh Kar Liang Leading Intellectual Property Disputes Lawyer of the Year, Arizona Parker Schwartz PLLC - Ira Schwartz Leading Business and Commercial Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year, Italy Studio Legale Primiceri - Flavio Primiceri Leading M&A and Corporate Transactions Lawyer of the Year, India KK Sharma Law Offices - Kaushal Kumar Sharma Leading Insurance & Reinsurance Lawyer of the Year, Cambodia Manulife - Sythan Prou Leading Criminal Barrister of the Year, United Kingdom Drystone Chambers - Karim Khalil Leading Asset Protection and Estate Planning Lawyer of the Year, Massachusetts Buskey Law Offices - Lynn Buskey Leading Commercial Litigation Lawyer of the Year, Nepal Gandhi & Associates - Gandhi Pandit Leading Employee Engagement and Development Specialists of the Year, United Kingdom Peopletopia Ltd - Gail Preece Leading Food Industry Financial and Investment Advisory of the Year, Florida Antarctica Advisors LLC - Ignacio Kleiman Leading Corporate and Commercial Lawyer of the Year, Portugal Costa Pinto Advogados - Manuel Ferreira Mendes Leading Complex International Outsourcing Transactions Attorney of the Year, Connecticut Wiggin and Dana LLP - Mark Heaphy 2020 Leading Advisor Awards 2020 Global Excellence Awards Best Corporate Events & Exhibitions Organizer 2020 – Oman White Paper Summits