Issue 11 2019

30 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2019 Sep19123 ounded in 2013, iFoodDS makes continuous improvement in food safety easy to achieve by effectively tracking trends and addressing potential risks with advanced technology solutions. From the very beginning, the firm’s priority has been food safety. With a solid understanding that managing food safety can be overwhelming for many, especially due the real-time process controls that need to be managed throughout the day, iFoodDS have unique and configurable software, which is tailored to suit each company the company works alongside. iFoodDS’ CEO, Diane Wetherington begins by informing us of the solutions the innovative software delivers to customers, as well as some of the core benefits companies get in return for choosing the company. “iFoodDS’ software helps to advance continuous food safety improvement by managing day to day operations, ensuring that processes are being followed on a continuous basis, helping companies manage their data for process improvements and better food safety risk management. Ever advancing knowledge-based AI analytics are included in the software.” “Our software not only helps companies manage what needs to be done inside their own company for product safety, but also assesses real time safety of each product as it advances through the supply chain. Visibility into food safety throughout the supply chain helps companies better manage their own risks.” Over the years, the firm has had the opportunity to work alongside a diverse range of individuals and companies. Today, many of their produce customers in particular are growers, packers, shippers, processors, coolers, and distributers. iFoodDS sells their products and services directly to them through their own sales and support team, as well as with leading industry partners. Whilst discussing the team at iFoodDS, Diane is keen to highlight the significant role the team has played in the firm’s success over the years, touching on how they ensure that all parties benefit from the service being delivered. “Here at iFoodDS, we recognize the great opportunity we have – and the responsibility – to help make our food safer. Our people work hand-in-hand with our customers from the very first call, through the implementation of the software and afterwards, it is an ongoing process. Additionally, multilingual staff works to understand each customer/ company’s food safety needs and to help them make the most out of the software. Most of all, we are always ready to respond to customers’ needs and ideas, and make sure they benefit from all of the software features.” F It is without question that both the people and the customers at iFoodDS are quintessential to the firm’s overall success, with the additional assistance of their proven software and data models, as Diane explains. “Many of our customers say that our software provides them with readily accessible auditable data input since it is entered into the system in real time. It also proves that their food safety programs are being carried out on a continuous basis with no exceptions, and they report seeing a more engaged and proactive workforce since software implementation.” With this level of success safely tucked under their belt, the team at iFoodDS are unstoppable as they continue to achieve their goal and reach new heights in their career. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Diane signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie ahead, including how the firm are set to expand the business in the years to come. “In June 2019 at the Forbes AgTech Summit, we announced with Western Growers, a leading industry trade association, a Food Safety Risk Management program involving companies all along the supply chain - from growers through retailers and food service companies. This program, now being implemented, has the potential to revolutionize how we use data to protect food safety.” Company: iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc. Address: P.O. Box 82475, Kenmore, Washington, 98028 – 2405, United States of America Telephone: 206-219-3703 Web Address: Advancements in Food Safety iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc. (iFoodDS) is a leading provider of food safety risk management software solutions for the produce supply chain. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s CEO, Diane Wetherington who provided us with a glimpse into the best food safety database solutions provider in the USA. “Many of our customers say that our software provides them the certainty that all data input is true since it is uploaded to the system in real time. It also proves that their food safety programs are being carried out on a daily basis with no exceptions...”