AI Magazine Issue 11 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2018 29 Pearl Lemon is a full-service SEO company based in London, serving clients across the globe. We caught up with the Founder of Pearl Lemon, Deepak Shukla who provided us with insight into their innovative company. s an award-winning agency; Pearl Lemon is well positioned to help companies achieve their digital growth goals from their HQ in Central London. With an international team of SEO experts hailing from the UK, USA, Australia and Jamaica - Pearl Lemon create tailored, results-driven SEO campaigns for their clients focussing upon anything and everything that will drive the greatest ROI. Having already serviced many clients and generated dozens of page one ranking results in SERP in industries as varied as real estate, e-commerce, local and national SEO - we asked Deepak what is the typical client that they like to take on at Pearl Lemon. “Here at Pearl Lemon, our clients range from local web development agencies to high seven- figure e-commerce businesses, as well as those focussing solely upon local search and these companies hail from all corners of the globe. They come to us to boost their visibility on search engines and ultimately achieve their digital growth goals. “Our mission is to over-deliver on all of our campaigns and to empower our clients to exceed the initial targets we put together such that working with us becomes an obvious choice very quickly. “Whilst all of our campaigns are tailored to the specific needs of each of our wonderful clients, one thing that all our campaigns have in common is that we focus aggressively upon driving revenue generation as the central component of our SEO efforts.” Pearl Lemon have built their business on the basis of reaching out to the marketplace and showing what they are made of. When discussing what sets Pearl Lemon apart from their competitors, marking them out as the best possible option for clients, Deepak said: Contact: Deepak Shukla Company: Pearl Lemon Address: Pearl Lemon Limited Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK Telephone: 020 7183 3436 Web Address: www. Achieve Your Digital Growth Goals A WR180048 “Everything is perhaps a little different about what we do. Our team is truly remote, extremely resourceful, work very hard and hold up to the standard I set for them which is to respond always, answer every question, solve any problem and stay hungry. This no doubt comes from my years of ultramarathon running and competing in Ironmen.” Recently, Pearl Lemon was selected as the Most Innovative SEO Agency 2018 – London. Following this win, Deepak is keen to highlight what the recognition means for the team at Pearl Lemon and the reasons behind their phenomenal success. “My team and I are extremely honoured that all of our hard work has been recognised by Acquisition International. “I’d say our success comes down to the fact that we consistently try to outdo ourselves, providing way more value to all of our clients than any other agency can or does. “As an agency, we are proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it. All of our work is underpinned by our core values of transparency, talent, teamwork, being tech-savvy and extremely tenacious. Integrating our values into our work ultimately drives our success.” Bringing the interview to a close, Deepak signs off by envisioning what the future has in store for the award-winning firm who was recently selected as the Most Innovative SEO Agency 2018 – London. “Looking ahead, we are incredibly excited about Pearl Lemon’s future. As a rapidly growing, innovative agency the future looks really bright! Currently, we are expanding the team, taking on more clients concurrently and are always happy to talk to any client at any time regarding any SEO problem or indeed otherwise. “We describe our journey as being successive rather than successful, meaning that we will strive to continually grow and build upon the value we are able to provide each of our clients. “Therefore, without getting complacent, we celebrate the wins along the way both inwardly as a team and outwardly by showcasing our achievements to our clients and community.” “I’d say our success comes down to the fact that we consistently try to outdo ourselves, providing way more value to all of our clients than any other agency can or does.”