AI Magazine Issue 11 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2018 13 Marjorie Orr is a media astrologer writing columns for newspapers and magazines in five continents, and broadcasting on television and radio. Having recently been selected as the Best International Astrologer 2018, Marjorie provided us with a detailed insight into the services that she provides, highlighting what the recognition means to her. aving worked for decades to promote astrology as uniquely helpful in providing information about personality traits, ambitions, talents and direction, as well as companies, countries and world events, it has been an exciting experience. An industry award confers gravitas and recognition not just on me but also on my chosen profession. There is a vast reservoir of knowledge, largely untapped, which can provide invaluable insights into almost any arena of life, assisting in decision-making, relationship dilemmas and forecasting future trends in economics, stability of nations and the fortunes of world leaders. Likemost astrologers, I write daily, weekly andmonthly columns which are based on Sun sign astrology. Although simple, they provide an easily accessible account of the influences affecting daily life. For people struggling to cope in an increasingly complex world, they offer a framework for understanding broader forces in play. My columns appear on my website and across the globe in other outlets, print and online. They are the doorway into a treasure trove of expansive insights from in-depth astrology which works from the birth date, time and place. My background as a television producer handling large budgets and managing different skill sets within a team, and then a subsequent training in psychotherapy has enabled me to understand a broad range of situations. My more conventional background encourages clients who might otherwise be embarrassed to ask for an astrological take on their life. My daily forum on the Astrology of Today’s News shines a light on the tsunami of confusion and carnage that pours out of television sets and down mobile phones. People are desperate for understanding and meaning in a chaotic world. Astrology sees the broader patterns at work. In addition to this, the forum also includes lighter-hearted celebrity and Royal Contact: Marjorie Orr M.A (Hons) in English Literature & Philosophy Company: Astroinform Address: Suite 310, 176 Finchley Road London NW3 6BT Web Address: Written in the Stars H WR180024 pieces, which entertain and involve fans in the lives of their idols. Astrology gets behind the façade to reveal the real person. It also allows me to show astrology at work and how its information can be of assistance to everyone. I do consultations via my website, on email, audio or by telephone, for clients from a variety of backgrounds with differing questions. On career dilemmas, relationship tangles, Astrology gives a useful slant on any problem that crops up in normal life. My overall mission is to spread the word as far and wide as possible about the lamentably underused information source that astrology offers. The internet has opened up a world of new possibilities, making it easier to showcase the breadth and depth of this ancient craft. Pre-the internet, all the media were willing to offer were Sun sign columns, hugely popular, but relegated to the cartoon page. I market widely on social media with a full Facebook complement and via my books as well as daily web writings. My ‘Astrological History of the World’ (amazon) which illustrated the links between the tides of history and the movements of the planets through the heavens was described as ‘ground breaking’. ‘Living proof of astrology’ (Stacy Keach); would make ‘even the most rampant sceptic rethink their view. (Angela Rippon.) This award is another step along the way of putting astrology firmly into the mainstream and I’ve been buoyed up by the increasing numbers of clients who have come forward because of it. “My overall mission is to spread the word as far and wide as possible about the lamentably underused information source that astrology offers.”