AI Issue 11 2017

Acquisition International - November 2017 47 Integrated Business Planning for Consumer Goods Companies who buy into our vision. We have built a team with the appropriate balance of relevant industry experience and technical skill.” “Essentially, the company wants to be the best solution provider in our space and to achieve that goal we need a great team. Exceedra provides individuals with the opportunity to develop a broad experience base, lead from an early stage and progress their career. At Exceedra, we offer a full mentoring/coaching programme for all employees. Also, we have a work hard, play hard mentality and encourage social activity as part of overall team building. Exceedra believes that we are a very open company and genuinely encourage employees to share their views with both peers and management alike.” Andrew signs off by outlining Exceedra’s eventual goal, and how there is now a solution and workplace ethos which enables the firm to succeed. “We have now delivered the appropriate level of disruption in the market, to demonstrate that our solution should be considered by companies when selecting a partner in our space. We are now included in the RFI/RFP process for most S&OP projects and our many customer references endorse the position that are able to deliver ROI. The company’s goal now is to extend our presence and to become a truly global player. Ultimately, the last word goes to co-founder, Richard Nicholas, SVP Sales & Marketing, who is keen to highlight that the company operates on a customer first basis, and will continue to do so as it build on its ongoing success. “We have always put the customer at the heart of the business – this is crucial to our success as we believe that enterprise solutions should be simplified for the end user, while still delivering differentiating business capabilities that drive real business benefits.”