AI Issue 11 2017

44 Acquisition International - November 2017 BUCK is lighting producer, with several fields of expertise: architectural, medical, industrial and street lighting. We profile the firm to find out more about the success of the company, including being named as Leading Medical & Industrial Lighting Provider 2017 in Europe in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards. UCK is a lighting specialist with 25 years of experience. With R&D in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia, and a production plant in Serbia, its products are a combination of quality, good performance and great innovation incorporated. Its illumination business is a branch developing at a fast pace, and is focusing on integrating with modern technology. The staff offer services which provides many benefits for users, such as the Internet of Things, Smart City solutions, intelligent housing, thus enabling further features and significant energy savings. A crucial aspect of the company is its philosophy, which is to carefully listen to its clients’ needs, placing them at the forefront of the solutions and products that staff provide. The firm offer them an innovative product, look to gather feedback and take it on board in order to gain further improvement. Additionally, the staff remain available to the client until the end of the product’s life cycle, always looking to help. Offering a unique service, BUCK is proud of its unrivalled value chain which is integrated into each factor of its work. Starting from clients’ needs and their well-being throughout original and sustainable design, staff also apply energy saving principles to their work, are innovative and there is little to no maintenance, recyclability and a vital factor in ergonomic design. Working within the ever changing lighting industry, it is vital that the firm are ahead of potential developments which could affect the company and the wide industry. For every successful business, it is essential to have a close relationship with both the final users and the supplier for the lighting industry. When starting out, and even now, BUCK Company: BUCK Lighting Contact: Jelena Karalejic Contact Email: jelena. Address: Milorada Jovanovica 9, Belgrade, 11147, Serbia Phone: 00 381 11 20 52 400 Website: A Leader in Energy Efficiency B 1711AI70 has to be brave to take a risk and promote the design that was revolutionary, extravagant and unconventional. Subsequently, this approach has led to BUCK and some Serbian designers featuring on the international design award scene, whilst the holistic approach to design has provided various awards in all aspects of design; including industrial design, architecture, graphic design, and its overall business model. Regarding its qualifications, BUCK has several certified standards, such as ISO 9001 (since 1997), ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (since 2013), ISO 27001 and 50001 (since 2016), and Kai Zen 5S integrated in every aspect of work, promoting improvement in each segment of the company. What separates the company apart from others and helps it to stand out is its unique service and extreme care in looking after clients. The products produced by the firm possess a combination of original and innovative design, energy efficiency, high quality, reliability, longevity and optic efficiency. Furthermore, looking ahead to what is happening within the lighting industry, particularly in the SEE region and Serbia, the cluster of lighting producers is in development, and there is still further promotion of the branch yet to come. Significantly, BUCK employs many techniques which enable it to stay ahead of developments, with staff monitoring new technologies and trends with suppliers and competitors. Moreover, staff predict the trends of innovative products, enabling to make calculated and successful investments, plus offering top notch design, approach and service to the client. Its client focused approach comprises mainly of placing an emphasis on ease of mounting, maintenance and longevity. Every action within the company originates from client’s actual or future needs. The organization is structured in such a way as to offer to the client the product and service which is in their best interest. Possessing a wealth of experience, with it being over 25 years since the company was founded, the team at the top of the company have been nurturing its employees, monitoring their interests and affinities, adjusting their job descriptions and duties “What separates the company apart from others and helps it to stand out is its unique service and extreme care in looking after clients.”