AI Issue 11 2017

42 Acquisition International - November 2017 OTS Solicitors is a niche practice specialising in immigration, commercial, civil litigation, employment and family law. Oshin Shahiean gives us an overview of the law firm, and talks about some of the clients involved. TS Solicitors has a strong international focus. Multiple languages are spoken within the practice, and the head of departments and partners make regular visits to overseas jurisdictions to advise and support businesses. Oshin starts by telling us about the rapid rise of the law firm, as well as going into further detail about the multinational companies that the practice works with. “Since our inception in 2014, we have become one of the most respected law firms in the UK. We have been highly ranked in the Legal 500 for immigration and human rights law, an unprecedented achievement for such a young firm. Our solicitors are also regularly called on by the BBC and national and international publications for comment on legal issues. “Globally, we have a wide-range of clients, from high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs, through to SMEs and multi-national corporations. However, we also represent private clients who are held in immigration detention and/or have suffered an abuse of their human rights.” What differentiates the law practice from its competitors is its attention to detail and understanding of the law surrounding immigration. Oshin points us towards client satisfaction, and how the legal team continue to look after the company even after the matter has been concluded. “Crucial to our success, we have an incredibly in- depth understanding of immigration, business and family law. Almost all of the reviews left by clients point to two things; our encyclopaedic knowledge of our legal areas and the continued, ongoing support we provide to all our clients, even after their legal matter has concluded.” Essentially, a good working environment can lead to constant success for the company, and Oshin mentions that the internal culture within the practice is one of overwhelming support for each other. It really is a team effort within the company, something Oshin is particularly keen to point out. “Throughout the practice, we have an incredibly supportive culture within our firm, and this ethos spills over into the service we provide to our clients. The partners’ regularly run training sessions for the team and try to maintain an open-door policy so people can come in and ask questions, as and when they need. Junior members of staff are completely comfortable with seeking out senior team members to ask questions. Company: OTS Solicitors Contact: Oshin Shahiean Contact Email: Address: 107 – 111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB, UK Phone: 0207 9369 960 Website: www.otssolicitors. OTS Solicitors: Attention to Detail O 1711AI67 “Everyone on our team is integral to the success we have achieved over the years, and we make every effort to ensure they feel recognised and appreciated.” Regarding OTS Solicitors’ overall mission, Oshin explains, as co-founder of the company, how the leadership team are focused on delivering legal expertise in a variety of niche areas, including immigration, civil litigation, commercial, employment and family law. The team work hard in ensuring clients are satisfied with the business. “Proudly, the firm is highly recommended by clients, other solicitors and barristers because of the emphasis on quality and excellence. We have concentrated on recruiting incredibly talented and creative staff, who are passionate about providing exemplary service. Our partners fully support them by providing the technology and research-based tools to help them achieve this. In addition, we encourage and initiate Continued Professional Development opportunities for all our team and operate a robust practice management system. “Additionally, we have partnered with elite legal minds such as former immigration judge Paul Gulbenkian, and widely published international lawyer, Dr Harry Hagopian who both act as consultants for the firm.” Looking towards the future, there is a lot of positivity surrounding the company, both in the present and moving forwards. Oshin signs off by commenting on the importance of the work that OTS Solicitors does, and how the practice is working to shape the immigration laws and advise UK businesses. “Ultimately, the corporate world is facing challenges from many quarters, not least the move towards nationalism and a distrust of globalisation by the general public. However, with the upturn in emerging markets and the increasing opportunities presented by AI, businesses around the world have the chance to embrace an optimistic future. “Lastly, our role is to support UK businesses and talented individuals from around the globe achieve their commercial ambitions by providing expert, responsive immigration advice. In a digital economy, where knowledge is key, no nation can afford to look inward if it wants its businesses to reach the growth required to sustain, not only our present standard of living but to meet challenges presented by global warming and the AI revolution. We are working to shape UK immigration laws and advise UK businesses, so they can recruit the talent they need to keep moving forward.” COO/Managing Partner Oshin Shahiean Senior Consultant Paul Gulbenkian Teni Shahiean, CEO