AI Issue 11 2017

Acquisition International - November 2017 39 Halldale is a modelling, simulation and training company in the B2B media space. We profile the firm and its CEO, Andy Smith, as we look to examine the secrets behind the company’s success. perating within the B2B media space, Halldale is a unique company, possessing a global team of expert writers who are also simulation and training experts. The company’s editorial team comprises of ex-forces training personnel, ex-airline personnel, as well as practicing medical training experts and ex-simulation industry people. Around the world, Halldale has a dedicated publishing and event team working around the clock to produce the best content and advice. Significantly, the simulation and training information arena is dominated by Halldale with a compelling combination of acclaimed simulation and training publications, aviation training conferences and tradeshows, electronic news and online information sources. In its own unique style, Halldale Group is the world’s only media company focused on techniques of modelling, simulation and training for aviation, defence and medical markets. The company helps communities to develop and share the best practices in simulation technologies and training techniques, whilst helping people use them to improve safety and productivity. Functioning within the media industry, and issuing a variety of global magazines, Halldale publishes CAT Magazine, Civil Aviation Training Magazine; Medical Training Magazine, a Journal for Healthcare Education, Simulation and Training and MS&T Magazine, Military Simulation & Training. Furthermore, Halldale also organises the world’s three biggest conferences in civil aviation training: Company: Halldale Media Inc Contact: Andy Smith Contact Email: Address: Sentinel House, Harvest Crescent, Ancells Business Park, Fleet, GU51 2UZ Phone: 01252 532000 Website: Halldale: Personal Experience is Key O 1711AI70 WATS, the World Aviation Training Conference & Tradeshow; APATS, the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium; and EATS, the European Airline Training Symposium. Regarding simulation, it is typically used as a tool in cases where the cost is too high, or the situation unacceptably dangerous, for the operator to use the original equipment. If damage to the equipment, operator or the operator’s clients could happen from training then simulation is the answer. The most widespread use of Simulation is therefore in Training (S&T) in the use of complex equipment typically in complex and/or dangerous situations. It is also widely used in the design and development of complex products, high tech equipment, buildings, to name a few examples. Plus, S&T can be used as a sales tool allowing potential users to walk through a finished product or view it, for example, in a different colour or layout. Originally developed for flight training in the earliest years of flight, simulation is now used throughout the military, the airline industry, most forms of land transport, mining, power generation and medicine from nursing to surgery. Constantly providing content for its clients and readers, Halldale’s website is a haven for information on simulation and training, including a Simulation Training Directory, and detailed listings of flight simulators around the world updated as a monthly census.