AI Issue 11 2017

Acquisition International - November 2017 31 A Vision of Disruption Innovation by our definition is all about transformational change. This dynamic is built into every aspect of what we do from designing our programmes to serving our clients, we are committed to building open innovation into our approach and results.” Ultimately, all of this makes it look exciting times ahead for Enterprise Lab, and Ketan signs off by outlining what the future holds for Enterprise Lab. “Moving forward, we are currently developing more online and digital models/channels for our work. Disruptor University is soon to be launched (it is our contribution to agile and mobile learning) think Netflix meets ; we are also working on a number of social impact programmes to get learning and development to those that have the least access to it. If our world is to survive and thrive, we need to build better connectivity and access to all development should be for all not just the privileged.”