AI Issue 11 2017

20 Acquisition International - November 2017 F/LIST works with clients to produce exclusive interiors on various types of jets. Thomas Wahl talks us through the products that the company provides, and its success of being featured 2017 Global Excellence Awards and Best for Private Aircraft Interiors – Austria. ll over the world, F/LIST fulfils their clients’ requests for exclusive interiors on business & private jets and luxury residences. The Austrian family company plans, produces and installs complete, sophisticated interiors, placing vision, quality and reliability firmly in the forefront. Staff all work together to produce the best designs and products, usually through high quality and applied innovation spirit. Thomas explains what sets the company apart from its competitors. “Here at F/LIST, we work there are three key aspects which help us differentiate ourselves from others. Firstly, there is our uncompromising dedication to only the highest standards of quality and corresponding unique manufacturing process, as well as a policy of constant improvement which guarantees only truly immaculate products to leave our premises. “Secondly, the firm possesses a strong in-house R&D department, continuously developing outstanding innovations which drive the industry forward and give us an advantage over our competitors, and lastly we also have a large workforce and large production capacities with know-how developed and retained in-house.” In addition to the three factors which help mark F/LIST out as the best possible option for clients, Thomas points out what he believes are key aspects of their success, alluding to certifications which highlight that the company is going in the right places. “Our strong research and development department regularly brings forth ground breaking innovations which keep us ahead in the market, while our operations excellence department is always striving to constantly improve our existing processes and products. Our EN 9100 certification is proof of our dedication to constant improvement.” Building on its success, the company’s mission is to remain the market leader in business jet interiors and to enlarge market share all over the world. The staff are tirelessly researching new products and processes and identifying new chances and possibilities for international expansion. Therefore, innovation is thus the main driver of its continued success, and this is what helps further the company’s reputation, as Thomas alludes to. “F/LIST has made for itself a reputation of combining the best of both efficient state-of-the-art technology Company: F/LIST Contact: Thomas Wahl Contact Email: Address: F. LIST GMBH List-Strasse 1, A-2842 Thomasberg, Austria Phone: 00 43 0 2644 6001-349 Website: A Visionary in the Aircraft Industry A 1711AI54 and the unsurpassed precision of manual craftsmanship. We are working with the latest engineering and intranet software, modern 5-axes CNC machines, veneer impregnation and drying plants and many more. But on the level of quality we stand for, there are some tasks for which nothing can replace the sure, experienced hand and keen eye of a master craftsperson, such as sanding of delicate edges, precise preparation of veneers and of course quality assurance of every single piece.” Integral to F/LIST’s success is its staff, and Thomas cannot speak highly enough of the company’s employees. He talks about cherishing them and fostering a real family culture within the organisation, as a happy working environment tends to be a key factor in producing successful results and products. “Without our motivated employees, our success would not be possible. This is why we cherish every single one of themand foster a collaborative corporate culture with an open-door policy and provide our employees with many attractive benefits. Among those count language and specialist trainings, team building events, transportation allowances, workwear, sponsored lunch, a partner program with local and regional businesses for discounts and special offers, and “F/LIST belebt” (“F/LIST vitalizes”), an employee health program with numerous measures such as vaccinations, medical check-ups and many more.” Suggesting that there are exciting times ahead for the company, Thomas comments on the fact that F/LIST is going through a period of international expansion. He sings off by talking us through all the areas that the firm is opening up new locations and how this will continue in the near future. “At the moment, F/LIST is going through a period of international expansion. In 2017, we have taken over business operations of OHS Aviation Services and thus founded F. LIST GERMANY GMBH in Berlin Schönefeld, a new production facility is set to start production in Montréal in late 2017 and our subsidiary in the USA has been strengthened with an experienced sales representative and a seasoned key accounts manager, who will hopefully boost our market presence in the States. F. LIST MIDDLE EAST FZCO is another service location that has just opened in the Dubai International Airport Free Zone. For the coming years, more international presence and subsidiaries are planned.” L-R: Michael Groiss (CEO), Werner Kartner (Vice President Aircraft Interiors), Katharina List- Nagl (CEO), Andreas Aigner (Vice President Operations) and Franz List (Chairman of the Supervisory Board).