AI Issue 11 2017

18 Acquisition International - November 2017 Strategic Allies Ltd (SAL) help manufacturing companies find their next breakthrough technologies, the best international partners to innovate and connect with, and possibly acquire. John Allies provides us with a breakdown of the company’s services and overall mission. AL is a Technology and Acquisition Scouting company with extensive experience in the global search for innovative technologies, solutions, acquisitions, strategic alliances and other new business generating opportunities. The firm work for a portfolio of international manufacturing clients who are actively seeking technological solutions and opportunities. Embracing all aspects of Open Innovation and often looking in places its clients do not even know exist, the firm understand the issues of confidentiality and sensitivity required to bring the right opportunities in what can often be disguised or complex situations. Together, with its network of over 1,500 personally known facilitators, the team have developed an energetic and tenacious approach valued by many clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Discussing a variety of topics, John talks about the experience that the firm boasts, having been in the acquisition searching industry for a vast amount of time. This has given the company time to develop a strategy which satisfies clients, and places the firm comfortably as one of the leaders in the industry. “Over twenty years of acquisition searching activity, our company SAL has developed an acquisition search service which employs a simple and practical methodology to confidentially identify, and then connect with synergistic potential acquisitions/ partners at the outset of the M&A process. Our long complementary history in technology scouting means we enjoy the enviable position of understanding far more than just the financials. Therefore, we offer our clients that ability to identify and assess potential targets on numerous fronts, ensuring maximum potential fit or total appropriateness as we call it.” John outlines SAL’s focus on ‘off-market’ potential acquisitions, as this is often where significant value can be identified and subsequently acquired more economically. A SAL Acquisition Search is particularly suited for acquiring CEOs who are seeking value driven, ‘off market’ acquisitions, synergistic with their future plans and capabilities. It is a manageable, step-by-step methodology, ensuring geographic and industry coverage with experienced personal filtering to provide a shortlist of warm potential partners.” Using this tool, CEOs who do not have extensive teams at their fingertips, can be confident they are Company: Strategic Allies Ltd Contact: John Allies Contact Email: Address: 90a High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2BL, UK Phone: 01442 800565 Website: Growth Through InnovationPartnering S 1711AI07 scouring the world in an efficient manner, searching for appropriate targets and not engaging randomly with potentially time wasting distractions. John goes into further detail about the process, and how CEO’s can use Strategic Allies Ltd’s services to benefit themselves. “Using this process, we can be sure to confidentially identify and open negotiations with targeted strategic partners for clients. Understanding the subtleties of the right potential partner, we are able to connect CEOs, via a network of international associates, only to those that have excellent prospects for a successful completion. Through this rigorous process, we eliminate the considerable filtering of inappropriate candidates they will otherwise have had to undertake themselves.” “By approaching these specifically identified, synergistic companies that are not on anybody’s RADAR because they are not currently ‘for sale’, we are able to open up conversations that can be steered through collaboration and sharing, towards a more significant relationship, without the interference of other competitive acquirers.” Demonstrating why SAL’s acquisition search is so successful, John poses a rhetorical question which showcases the attitude of CEOs and what type of statements they would look for. “Do you know of any CEOs who would not look favourably upon a personal approach that opened with ‘our client is interested in your business and would like to discuss a positive collaboration?’” Remarking on some of the firm’s current projects, John is delighted to tell us how a recent search process saw a client very satisfied. A high accuracy rate highlights the successful nature of SAL’s acquisition search, something John refers to. “Some of the benefits to this process can be best illustrated in the numbers. In a recent search for a UK, HVAC Group keen on acquisitive growth, SAL presented 42 target acquisitions in the first six months of which 27 accurately met the client’s stringent requirements. Negotiations are now well progressed with three of those targets.” Maintaining a global presence, SAL is able to use this reach to enhance its search processes, from a variety of different perspectives, not just financially. John comments on why the firm adopts this approach and how it benefits SAL and its clients.