Issue 10 2023

8 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 solution for small, form-factor deployments. It was specifically designed with Edge deployment in mind, and is comprised of the capabilities and computing power of a data centre. Despite its astounding abilities, however, Bento manages to eliminate the challenges of space constraints and power budgets. As an eight node, high performance computer and storage cluster housed in a compact casing, Bento seamlessly deploys and manages workloads similar to Cloud-based offerings. And yet, clients needn’t move data when using Bento, increasing security twofold. However, Bento isn’t the only genius piece of tech to emerge from Cachengo. For those looking to build their own cloud, as opposed to opting for a third party cloud system, Pizza is the perfect pick. Capable of holding a whopping 32 Symbiotes, and operating on a sub 10 watts motherboard, Pizza’s ultralow power demand and sleek design makes for a fantastic piece of kit. In addition, Pizza isn’t deterred by component failures, and will be able to tolerate such an instance without needing to terminate any of its services. By creating their own cloud, customers can massively scale storage and analytic needs as the business grows via Pizza, and it’s this impressive array of facilities that make limited choices a thing of the past. Cachengo has already come leaps and bounds in redefining excellence within the industry. Its products have had a major impact on a variety of sectors, and it’s all thanks to a continuous devotion to what’s most important – keeping data safe, secure, and easy to manage. Cachengo presents individuals with an Edge AI system that has been carefully formed around the notion of taking advantage of the data outside of the data centre to deliver improved operations, deeper insights, and a more responsive capability. Thanks to its products, clients have been granted the power to process data at the source, without having to concern themselves with limitations. Bento and Pizza can be deployed anywhere, making it a no-brainer for anyone seeking a transformation in their data management processes. Cachengo has amassed an impressive array of partnerships and collaborators, and has touched a variety of industries. From schools in Texas now utilising its systems, to being frequently featured on major US news outlets such as CBS News and AMC’s NewsWatch, Cachengo has definitely made its mark throughout the nation. In addition, it’s collaborated with some of the largest names within AI, spanning from Stability AI and Supermicro to Ampere Computing and BeMotion. This long list of accomplishments demonstrates the effectiveness of Cachengo’s innovation, and how its products are starting to shape the world on a monumental scale. Through both Bento and Pizza, Cachengo has managed to mark a huge shift in the way data is handled. By working within video intelligence and transportation, it has accomplished feats that no other computer companies have been able to achieve. From real-time weapon detection to camera control and safety monitoring, Cachengo provides a means for clients to keep sensitive video data on the premises, all whilst enhancing streaming potential throughout its system’s solutions. As such, it demonstrates a huge improvement in response latency, granting customers access to immediate information, should the need arise. All of this culminates in a combination of products that truly have the power to set a new standard in the data sector. Cachengo is an Edge Computing company unlike any other. Its eye for innovation and acute awareness of the needs of a variety of industries sets it apart as an entity that’s exhibited how capable it is. Its products are nothing short of revolutionary, each lending to the success of a plethora of sectors. Data management has always been imperative, no matter a company’s size, and Cachengo has given everything to secure a means to protect data, all whilst promoting streamlined, effective services that outmatch the competition. Cachengo stands as an example of what can be accomplished, should the desire be great enough, and it’s for this reason that it has managed to rise to such staggering heights. We’re incredibly proud to present Cachengo with the title of Best HighTech Computer Hardware Manufacturer 2023 – USA. Its products have already made an undeniable difference in the way data is managed via Edge Computing, and with its versatility and affordability, there’s no doubt in our minds that it will continue to do so as we advance towards the future of technology. Cachengo understands how to leverage all of the latest technology in order to make something great, and make something great it has. Contact: Ash Young Company: Cachengo Web Address: