Issue 10 2023

6 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Intelligent Storage at the Edge achengo is an Edge Computing company that truly believes in the cohesive management, protection, and handling of data. Typically, Edge Computing follows a traditional format – moving computer storage and processing to the edge of a network, bringing it closer to sources of data in the process. This differs from Cloud Computing, through which data is often left susceptible to a loss of control. Through Cloud Computing, data can be sold or compromised, leaving customers at a detriment that may sometimes be irreversible. However, it was viewed as more convenient than Edge Computing, and started to become the most widely used form of data management due to the absence of a more streamlined alternative. In response, Cachengo came to be, and its inception represented an incredible determination to shift individuals away from the pitfalls of 3rd party Cloud Computing. By creating an affordable, palm-sized computing cluster, with capabilities akin to Amazon Web Services, Cachengo managed to provide customers with an alternative that they could both own and manage from their own premises. Cachengo signifies a step in the right direction for computer hardware, and its ambition is what truly makes it such a unique entity. Its overarching dedication to giving choice, flexibility, value, and trust back to the everyday person is what spearheads its journey towards greatness, and it’s what has enabled it to consistently guarantee data privacy above all else. Data deserves to be treated as it is – something that’s critically important, and in need of protecting. Cachengo is the embodiment of this notion, and it has gone above and beyond to forge the perfect way to deliver on its promise of security. Not only has it demonstrated an intrinsic brilliance time and time again, but it’s created a completely new, revolutionary class of computer that has convenience and utility at its core. From their ideal size, to their easy installation, Cachengo’s products find themselves in a position to assist anyone with their data processing needs. Already present in trains and buses alike, Cachengo accomplishes something that no Cloud Computing service has been able to achieve – it grants clients the opportunity to analyse and process data in real-time. Combine this with its money and time saving capabilities, and you’ve got an all-encompassing piece of computing genius right at your fingertips. Cachengo’s products are designed to act upon data in real-time, be it throughout schools, shopping malls, the law enforcement sector, or public transport. By storing data in clusters first and foremost, and having been designed with long-term protection in mind, Cachengo guarantees savings, without ever needing to sacrifice quality. Every aspect of Cachengo’s products, from their expansive memory to their robust CPUs and TPUs, serves to accomplish the same goal – to protect and process data in realtime, all whilst saving time, power, and infrastructure costs. It’s no secret that Cloud Computing struggles to process data in real-time due to the sheer amount of data transmission that needs sustaining. Despite this fact, it’s often advertised as real-time threat detection when, in reality, it simply can’t keep up with the demand. This was another driving factor that urged Cachengo to pursue Edge Computing structures that allowed for fluid, on-the-go threat detection. Not only does it make full use of AI in order to protect data and keep it on the premises, as opposed to sending it to a cloud to be processed, but it has specifically designed its products for easy installation and usage. The result is what we see today – a carefully curated class of computer that eliminates any potential data difficulties that clients may face. But just how does Cachengo manage such a feat? Well, it all begins with how drastically Cachengo differs from the norm within the analytics field. Where most standard servers have GPUs or TPUs included in their makeup to handle parallel processing, Cachengo produces purpose-built hardware and software that’s wholly designed to optimise each process. By enhancing neural nets and convolutional neural networks, it’s able to obtain massive parallelism, low power drain, high performance, and tight security, all whilst remaining reasonable in its pricing. Cachengo is focused on local Computer Vision and Large Language Model workflows, meaning that, instead of requiring a cloud data centre to process analytic workloads, clients only need Cachengo. However, to truly understand how revolutionary Cachengo’s products are, we must first explore just what said products have to offer. Cachengo is utterly unique in its approach to data processing, and, as such, crafted a whole new ultra-smart drive named Symbiote. Inspired by run-of-the-mill, industry standard 2.5” and 3.5” form factor hard drives, Symbiote was built with Edge Computing in mind. It’s an entity unlike anything currently on the market – it’s able to eliminate the issue of bottlenecking thanks to each drive adopting the qualities of a standalone, computational server. Each drive is individually addressable over a given network, and can also act as an object storage device. Symbiotes pose a stark contrast to conventional network storage architecture. They grant individuals complete control over capacity, as well as whether or not they wish to mix and match flash with hard drive technology. In addition, Cachengo’s Symbiotes give clients the chance to select what types of software they wish to run, presenting a plethora of choices that truly captures its one-of-a-kind nature. This, combined with an embedded GPU that’s able to perform sophisticated neural network functions in a local setting, establishes Symbiotes as a means to ingest the data where it will permanently reside, all whilst operating at the lowest CAPEX and OPEX possible. Overall, Symbiotes are a cheaper, faster, and smarter means to reduce network backhaul. In order to maximise the usage of Symbiotes, Cachengo developed its widely used, renowned Bento hardware. Able to hold up to eight Symbiotes, despite resembling the size of a book, Bento has every facility to act as a standalone Since the emergence of Cloud Computing, there has been an undeniable rise in the risk of data loss. Whether this is a result of a loss of control over how data is managed, or due to potential security breaches that could have detrimental effects on customer data, it’s a present issue that has, until now, had very few solutions. Enter Cachengo, an Edge Computing company that’s completely revolutionised data management. Join us as we explore how Cachengo came to earn the title of Best High-Tech Computer Hardware Manufacturer 2023 – USA, and how its computing clusters have served to reshape the sector as we know it. C Aug23126