Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 45 Woodside Quality: Keen Insight, Sound Decisions, Exceptional Results oodside Quality provides quality-related services that encompass custom training, supply chain optimisation, strategic planning, and a broad selection of other continuous improvement and process management training and consulting options. In the work it does, Woodside Quality not only helps clients enhance the services they deliver to their valued customers, but also enables them to improve the cost efficiency of their operations. To this end, the firm helps them gain an insight into the systems and processes that go into the production and delivery of their products and services. With this knowledge, clients are empowered to make better business and operational decisions, which in turn drive exceptional results. This method relies heavily on knowledge, so Woodside Quality prides itself on its credibility, always finding the best data and using the best analytics. Then, it communicates its results in a clear and honest manner. Since its establishment, the firm has worked hard to prioritise its core values of honesty, data-based decision-making, and relentless customer focus. With knowledge at the centre of its services, it is only natural that Woodside Quality’s consultants are highly educated and experienced professionals who have embarked on successful careers in the transformation of operations through sound analysis. Collectively, they have amassed experience in service, healthcare, manufacturing, defence, finance, information technology, and product development. Thanks to their expertise, the firm is prepared to support its clients’ most complex operations. At the helm of Woodside Quality is President David Allway, an experienced behavioural systems innovator and performance scientist with experience managing teams of up to 200 people. David works alongside a dedicated leadership team that works hand-in-hand with the rest of the workforce to facilitate the highest levels of customer service. This collaborative work environment ensures that all the firm’s experts can fully utilise their unique capabilities to improve clients’ systems and processes. Furthermore, the leadership team at Woodside Quality are committed to supporting the continued education and training of all the firm’s employees, helping them develop new knowledge, skills, and abilities. This ultimately improves the standard of service they are equipped to provide. In recent years, there have been a number of developments in the use of AI, enabling Woodside Quality to help its clients automate their data collection and analysis tasks. The firm plans to set aside time to research the implications of AI in the quality consulting industry in order to better position itself to face and overcome any anticipated challenges. Beyond this, in the next five years, Woodside Quality plans to focus on the key area of strategy deployment. The firm is equipped with systems for developing more coherent and comprehensive strategic plans. It is constantly innovating to improve these systems so that initiatives are rationally prioritised and strategically aligned to facilitate the achievement of goals and objectives. As a result of its continued excellence, we are pleased to award Woodside Quality LLC the title of Best Performance Improvement Consulting Firm, South East USA, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. With ambitious plans, the firm looks towards a bright future, and we wish its team the best of luck in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: David Allway Company: Woodside Quality LLC Web Address: Based in Ashburn, Virginia, Woodside Quality LLC is a consulting firm that provides federal clients with services related to performance improvement, project management, and analytics support. Demonstrating an intense customer focus and high levels of expertise and experience, the company has built a longstanding track record of excellence when it comes to solving difficult problems for its clients. W Jul23793