Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 43 Medical Marijuana 411: Global Leader for Cannabis Education Established in 2009, Medical Marijuana 411 (MM411) is a pioneering, trusted online resource for medical cannabis education, offering everything from budtender training for dispensary staff to information for healthcare workers. For its excellent delivery of comprehensive cannabis training that spans across many industries, MM411 has received the Award for Excellence in Cannabis Education & Advocacy as part of the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Contact: Christine DeVol Company: MM411 dba Medical Marijuana 411 Web Address: Serving consumers, patients, healthcare providers, and cannabis industry professionals alike, MM411 is a global leader in cannabis education, providing practical educational resources, in-depth analyses of the developing cannabis landscape, and research-based cannabis certifications to an international audience. Primarily, the company focuses on patient safety, compliance, and work training. Furthermore, offering more AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and staterequired consultant certifications than any other cannabis education provider, it works to empower industry professionals to succeed. MM411 is equipped with an outstanding team of seasoned experts, including physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, PhDs, policy analysts, and healthcare journalists, who all work hard to ensure that the company’s educational materials meet the highest of standards. To create this content, MM411’s excellent editorial team gather information from various sources, including the company’s internal team of experts, interviews with external leading professionals, and other primary sources like medical organisations, government agencies, academic institutions, and peer-reviewed scientific journals. Any third-party sources used are linked throughout the text and listed in standard citations at the end of each article. Finding trustworthy and reliable cannabis training and educational materials can be a difficult task. MM411 is committed to producing evidence-based content that is honest, balanced, and objective. All clinically focused content produced by the editorial team is subject to review by the company’s team of subject matter experts, who ensure that any included facts are supported by credible sources. They also ensure that all mentioned statistics are referenced and explained, and that any cited studies are high-quality and peer reviewed. Since its foundation, MM411 has served as the world’s most trustworthy cannabis education platform, maintaining the trust of the public through its firm ethical boundaries. To avoid conflicts of interest and further ensure the credibility of its content, the company does not work with advertisers, industry sponsors, or brand partnerships, and does not sell or recommend any specific products. Furthermore, MM411 understands that the legal cannabis landscape can be confusing because of its complex and ever-evolving nature. For this reason, it strives to make the topic more accessible by delivering engaging and easy-to-understand materials. It also aims to ensure that its content is inclusive, useful to all its various stakeholders, and sensitive to the challenges faced by people of traditionally disenfranchised groups. By adhering to the health literacy guidelines set by the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, MM411’s content breaks down complex issues and provides materials designed to support users in their education or wellness journeys. MM411 is immensely proud to offer a subscription model that offers customers outstanding value for their money. Moving into 2024, the company plans to add a new offering to its subscription model: a community through which subscribers can meet and converse with like-minded individuals. To do this, they can choose their preferred language, location, and topics of interest to be connected with someone who shares these attributes. For its trustworthy educational materials and pioneering offerings, MM411 has received the Award for Excellence in Cannabis Education & Advocacy as part of the Global Excellence Awards 2023. The company is proud to have been recognised in this prestigious awards programme and believes the honour to be a testament to its continued merit. We are delighted to congratulate the MM411 team on this achievement and wish them the best of luck in the years ahead. Aug23030