Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 41 of the way, and will help you to reach your goal with responsive and resolute attention. It is experienced in residential property law including leasehold, freehold, family homes, investment properties, off plan buys and new builds. It can also handle landlord and tenant matters, estate management, mixed-use buildings, and enfranchisements. Alongside personal conveyancing matters, Engleharts is also experienced in commercial property. Clients are welcomed to a firm that concentrates on listening and understanding their needs, and always searches for the ideal legal solution to suit them. This includes high-net worth individuals, property companies, small and large businesses, investors, and developers. It has a total understanding of the importance of commercial property to its clients’ businesses, and recognises the challenges of operating in a competitive environment with constantly changing legislative procedures and policies to abide by. Engleharts believes that commercial property growth is critical for its UK clients’ businesses to grow, and for the overall growth of the country’s economy as a whole. Engleharts Solicitors are specialists in all property related matters, and will negotiate with a tenacious passion to achieve the best outcomes for clients. That’s why it has retained some of its property clients for 35 years and counting. Its clients, both long term and brand new, find Engleharts to be a dependable partner they can trust. Its valued legal team offer a focused and results-driven service that always puts the client first. Because the firm has a range of other specialist departments too, such as family, litigation, and employment law, it is in the ideal position to facilitate successful deals. The departments willingly combine skills whenever it is in the best interests of a client. Engleharts is true standard bearer when it comes to conveyancing, and we are delighted it’s been recognised in the Global Awards programme. A huge well done goes out to the company and all its staff. Company: Engleharts Solicitors Web Address: Contact Name: Angela Englehart Your Legal Partners For Life Conveyancing is an important legal process by which ownership of land or buildings is transferred from one person to another. The term is inclusive of all the legal and administrative work that goes along with the official process. You can’t buy a house without going through conveyancing, beginning when you’ve had an offer accepted and ending when the final contracts have been signed and the money has been transferred. In legal terms, all solicitors are qualified to undertake work in conveyancing, but in real life terms not all are experienced in it to the same level. Engleharts Solicitors has a specialist team in residential conveyancing, and is very experienced in the specialism. Perhaps you are a potential client just setting out on a new journey to buy your first home. Or maybe a particular journey has come to conclusion, with the end of a relationship. Engleharts appreciates all the myriad of different stories behind each and every property bought or sold, and will work hard to assist its clients throughout their momentous journeys. It prides itself on being a trusted and esteemed partner at this important stage in anyone’s life, and will provide clientfocused, practical, and technically accurate supportive advice. The legal team at Engleharts recognise and fully appreciate what an emotive and stressful time buying or selling a house can be. The process one is entering into, and the potential pitfalls that grace the route can seem risky and confusing to navigate. Engleharts is with you every step Engleharts Solicitors is an independent law firm based in Hove, with a particular interest in business and personal law. Its professional and highly skilled team of solicitors and executives are backed by over 75yrs of collective experience in residential property, all of which is brought to bear for its valued clients. As the winner of Most Outstanding Conveyancing Law Practice 2023 - South East England, we were interested to find out a little more about the practice. Aug23124