Issue 10 2023

32 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Flexible Manufacturing Services Staffordshire based Incap Electronics UK Ltd boasts electronics manufacturing experience stretching back to 1974. Its products include PCBAs, electro-mechanical assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, and prototypes. It has recently been announced as the Best Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Firm 2023 - West Midlands, following which we decided to find out a little more about what it does. Company: Incap Electronics UK Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Tracy Court Printed Circuit Boards, or PCBs, are used in a vast array of appliances such as televisions, mobile phones, computer motherboards, vehicle sensors, medical devices, industrial equipment, and the telecommunications industry to name but a few. They are integral to the modern era, and essential to the infrastructure allowing modern devices to work. Incap’s core competency is PCB assembly (PCBA), and in box-build integration. It is fully equipped with the latest in technologically advanced machinery, allowing it to meet the ever-increasing demands of its current and future customer bases. Incap operates globally, with factories based in India, Estonia, Slovakia, the USA and the UK. Its solutions and services include prototyping and engineering, PCB assembly and manufacturing, box build assembly, customised solutions, cable and wire harness assemblies, engineering services, magnetic assemblies, and after sales services. It is determined to embrace operations that are agile, flexible, and efficient, whilst building strategic partnerships with its long-term customers and celebrating its valued workforce. This is all achieved by concentrating on maintaining top quality productivity and moving at pace. It offers a flexible operational model that includes data collection utilising cutting edge techniques such as Pareto Analysis, and Fishbone diagrams. These strategic decisionmaking aids are followed by adjustments and implementation of corrective and preventative actions. Continuous improvement is encouraged throughout the company, using something known as the Kaizen and Small Group Activity Method. A proven team-based improvement technique that originated in Japan. This is in place to encourage productivity and maximise the yield. Jul23581 The ever-increasing use of electronics is a key driver of growth for Incap, as is the global trend towards outsourcing. Incap is determined to capitalise on market opportunities for crossselling, and to expand its M&A capabilities through targeting businesses who match it in terms of operations and culture. It has a strong awareness of costs, and bolsters its entrepreneurial spirit by creating value-added services for customers. Incap sees its unique and efficient business model as being a key element that enables it to reach optimum profitability. It will continue to invest in operational excellence through championing high quality tech, and supporting the savoir faire of its people. Incap serves sectors such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, data storage & media, defence, green energy, food & vending, and industrial controls. It is also a key operator in the medical sector, oil, gas & mining, the industrial & automation of factories, power, security, scientific instruments, telecom, and transport services infrastructure. Its facilities are kept up to date, with a capacity that is ideally suited to the demand requirements of customers in many of the leading technology environs. It is proud to be working alongside customers at the very coalface of technical and engineering markets, with an ability to support, react quickly, and move decisively. Incap offers a complete turnkey solution for the entire product lifecycle of its goods. It has a technical capability that enables it to support virtually any market sector requiring electronic or electro-mechanical product assembly. Its market leading focus is on high technology, particularly for service companies requiring low to medium volumes of highly complex manufacturing solutions. Incap is all about fostering long-term relationships, and helping companies to flourish within high growth markets. We are delighted to see the UK division of Incap powering forward with its full turn-key product supply able to cater adroitly for the European market. Its provision of specialist, niche PCB assembly provides a personal service to rival the multinationals. “ “The future growth of Incap builds on the entrepreneurial, agile and customer driven culture of our employees, our flexible operational model, as well as our deeply ingrained cost management mindset. We want to drive consolidation in the industry to benefit from the industry growth potential and to maintain our cost efficiency and longterm profitability in a sustainable way.” “