Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 17 Swiss consulting company, AlleTrust has provided leadership training in more than 60 countries, for close to 45,000 people, from startups to multinational groups such as Nestlé, Mars, Michelin, Coca Cola, and many more in various industries. We speak to the firm’s founders and find out more as it celebrates being named Best Global Leadership Training Consultancy 2023 – Switzerland. Influencing a Culture of Caring lleTrust was born in 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland. After more than 30 years in the industry, Juan José Salamanca, joined by former DuPont colleague Emmanuel Fournier, identified a gap in the safety training services market. “People’s emotional aspects were not being sufficiently considered,” explains Juan José. “Knowing that in order for people to make better and safer decisions, they need to be intrinsically motivated. We decided to design our own training programmes that we called ‘Through Safety’.” AlleTrust constantly expands and now has teams in Europe, North America, and South America and has capacity to work anywhere in the world. For Juan José, an organisation’s greatest asset is its people, and he even says that their safety should never be the number one priority. At AlleTrust, the message is clear: priorities change, and safety is more than that – it’s a value that should never ever be compromised. “To understand why people take risks and why accidents happen, we must look at the decisions we make,” Juan José elaborates. “Are they reactive or responsive? What influences those decisions? The Through Safety programmes, showered with praise by participants from all around the globe, are designed to help make better decisions and influence a culture of caring.” The Through Safety programmes were created based on the belief that a holistic approach where people are intrinsically motivated is the only sustainable path towards a performant safety culture. Safety rules and processes must be followed, not just because the organisation (and law) requires so, but also because the employees genuinely understand why. AlleTrust’s primary focus is on the human being: “Caring for the people is the single best way to take care of a business,” affirms Juan José. Maintaining a safe environment is not just about one’s action but also their inaction. AlleTrust’s uniqueness resides in its leadership trainings shedding light on both aspects by going far beyond safety. “We use safety as a vehicle to develop personal leadership and influence a culture of caring; that is why our programmes are called Through Safety”. “We want to help organisations reduce injuries by tapping into people’s emotional dimensions and rewiring the brain to respond instead of reacting,” adds AlleTrust’s Vice President, Emmanuel Fournier. “Our goal is to develop an everlasting culture of caring.” For Fournier, when it comes to safety, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, instead the Through Safety programmes are customised for each client to maximise their impact. The services were designed to help every employee across a company, from the hourly workers and associates to the executives. Three Through Safety training courses are available: Legacy Through Safety is for the executives and non-operational managers to focus on the impact of their leadership and how to efficiently leverage safety. Leadership Through Safety is for the operational leaders involved in the day-today on-site activities. The main objective is to influence supervisors to lead with care to positively impact their teams. Finally, Culture Through Safety was specially designed for operators, shop-floor workers, and employees without any tasks of supervision: the ones who execute the job on the ground to help develop a common culture of caring and a job well done throughout the organisation. “In addition, we believe that our impact doesn’t stop right after the training, that’s why we offer different packages of engagement that vary in duration,” elaborates Emmanuel. “We also think that it’s crucial to constantly stay connected with our customers in the field and provide on-demand support to prevent ‘going back to old unsafe habits’. We work hand in hand to ensure that they are healthy and safe whilst getting the job done with the guidelines provided.” Recently, AlleTrust gained notable recognition for its diligence in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2023 and was named Best Global Leadership Training Consultancy 2023 – Switzerland. Understandably delighted, the dynamic pair now have a bright future to look forward to as the results of the firm’s programmes speak for themselves. A study conducted by the Swiss firm showed that 60 days after the programme, 98% of participants declared having changed the way they make decisions. “Our customers say that Through Safety has changed their lives for the better, not only at work but also outside of work and in their personal lives, because the programme mentally prepares them to aim for a job well done in every aspect of life.” Among the thousands of feedback reviews collected over the years by AlleTrust, the words of participants are always very strong: “This was the most impactful programme I have ever attended. It really made me stop and think about how important every decision I make is. Not only could they affect me, but my family, my coworkers, and their families.” “It was touching, straight and factual, simple to understand, and compelling in terms of its call to action.” “In all honesty, this was the best training I have ever received. I retained more from this training than any other one I have been to.” Company: AlleTrust Web Address: Email: Aug23659 A