Issue 10 2021

18 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2021 A Step In The Right Direction For all levels of fitness, Fitmedia Limited has adapted a program to fit children of all ages. It assesses children to find out where they are on the fitness spectrum so that they may address any issues discovered before they get to adulthood. Fitmedia has now won Best Children’s Fitness Testing Services Provider 2021 – UK. Here we look at what it does and how it is helping a wide variety of clients. easuring the health and wellbeing of children aged 5-18, Fitmedia Limited has been working towards a healthier future since its establishment in 2013. It looks at three key areas: Fundamental Movement Skills & Physical Literacy, Physical Capabilities, and Mental Health & Wellbeing. For children aged 5-11, Fitmedia believes that the best step towards the development of physical literacy is mastering Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). These skills include, but are not limited to, Balance skills, Locomotor Skills such as running, jumping, and hopping, as well as Ball Skills such as catching, throwing, kicking. The control of FMS is imperative when it comes to the physical development of a child, particularly in very young children, as this development plays a big part in the overall health and physical wellbeing of the individual as they grow older. With regards to physical literacy, The Association for Physical Education (AFPE) and Fitmedia have joined up to tailor a bespoke set of resources that will help professionals to assess and teach physical competence in primary schools. The lesson cards that the AFPE and Fitmedia have created are made up of a pack of 11 separate sessions which cover object control, locomotor proficiency, body control, and flexibility. Each lesson focuses on a different skill within each group and promotes the good health of each child. M Aug21257 Fitmedia knows that assessing FMS can be a time-consuming and difficult process for all involved. Each skill must be demonstrated, observed, practiced, executed, and scored against a set of criteria that allows for the different developmental ages of children from one individual to another, through genders. However, as an organisation committed to this assessment process, Fitmedia is able to take the onus off institutions and ensure that the rounded development of each child is given due consideration from all angles. Fitmedia’s physical assessment for 10-18 year olds has been put into place in response to the rise of obesity and weight related problems, alongside the decline in the physical fitness of young people. Not only does Fitmedia want to tackle these problems but it wants children to enjoy the process, so that it is something they will carry on through to adulthood. Fitmedia Movement is the only physical assessment system which is designed to suit all children of different ability levels. It offers a better method of monitoring children’s development, enables improvement on an immediate basis, provides an objective measure of a child’s fitness levels, and more. With its many options for assessment and educational resources, Fitmedia is the right company to turn to when working towards a healthier future for children and, in turn, adults. Contact: Alex Scott-Bayfield Company: Fitmedia Limited Web Address: