Issue 10 2021

14 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2021 Aug21510 Guaranteed Connections! With more than 12,000 customers, the team at AdEPT Technology Group PLC are used to delivering the best possible service. In a world that is ever more interconnected, nothing less will suffice. We took a closer look to see why Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards named the firm Best IT & Connectivity Solutions Provider 2021 – UK. dEPT has made its name as a Managed Services Provider, working across the UK with numerous public and private sector organisations. Through the latest technological innovations, the team have found themselves at the heart of the country’s most vital businesses and essential of infrastructures. Their technology solutions lead the way in seamless application. AdEPT’s technology solutions are achieved through investing in core capabilities and establishing strong strategic partnerships with leading organisations in their field of expertise. This has led to the growth of the team’s proprietary integrated services environment, known as “Nebula”. This delivers an innovative managed services environment for customers across data, voice, IT, security and business continuity, and also acts as the firm’s own hosting and private cloud environment. The team works across multiple sectors, and each sector offers a unique way forward which informs the others. More than 50% of the firm’s business is public sector, health and education, making their work essential in keeping people’s lives firmly on the move. The team’s deep understanding of the value they bring to businesses keeps them trying hard to be the best at what they do. It’s certainly why they have been able to deliver 83% NPS from AdEPT top customers. As specialists in connectivity, it might surprise some to note that AdEPT provides much of its national coverage through a local presence. This is a deliberate business decision, bringing customers much closer to the business and allowing the team to understand more intimately the people they are supporting. Technology is a universal force, but its application is what makes it unique. The team at AdEPT care deeply what they do because they understand what it means to their customers. This focus on personal connection means that the staff behind AdEPT are crucial to its success. Making sure that lines of communications between all stakeholders, both within AdEPT and outside, is key to ensuring that they can do their jobs properly. The team have developed sophisticated methods of handing the difficult conversations that some might ignore because they know that it creates a more inclusive and constructive approach overall. This team closeness has been a challenge since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. To counter the potential feeling of isolation, the firm has begun running weekly “Wake Me Up Sessions”, morning briefings to share stories, learnings and insights. These initiatives have inspired engagement and positive feedback in the firm’s own Employee Engagement Surveys. The introduction of a new Employee Communication Forum with representatives from all parts of the business will continue to provide constructive engagement. A AdEPT has always been a growth company, and its three-year plan revolves around building core expertise in key product disciplines to improve their relevance across significant verticals. As the world returns to a new sort of normal after the pandemic, the team look forward to embracing face-to-face events which will allow them to meet their customers in the flesh once more. They already have a number of special events planned, including one created by the team named “Demystifying Hybrid Working - AdEPT’s Guide to Technology and Best Practice For The New Modern Workspace”. As the world adapts to a new normal, AdEPT once again proves itself as a firm that lies at the heart of many organisations’ transformation. The focus on the relationships they build with their staff means that their technology solutions are able to deliver when they need it most. It’s the secret of the team’s impressive success, now and certainly for years to come. Company: AdEPT Technology Group PLC Web Address: