Issue 10 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 10 2019 35 Aug19383 Innovative Imaging Ingenuity Helping physicians drive better outcomes in wound care, limb salvage and surgery, Canadian-based firm Kent Imaging Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices that assess tissue oxygenation. As one of the most innovative medical imaging technology developers in 2019, we profile the firm to understand more about their vital work and deserved success. echnological innovation itself in medicine is nothing new, but the solutions that it continues to provide are saving lives every single day. Canadian firm Kent Imaging specialises in near- infrared spectroscopy as a means to instantly assess tissue oxygen saturation, a key indicator of tissue health. The firm has seized upon an opportunity to deliver an innovative, cost-effective solution in an area where rapid understanding of tissue viability can have a huge impact on healthcare costs, treatment decisions, and patient outcomes. Kent’s most up-to-date product is Snapshot NIR , incorporating the latest advancement in tissue oxygenation imaging. The portable and easy-to-use imaging device is completely non-invasive eliminating the need for contact or injected dyes required by other technologies. Instead, surgeons and wound care physicians can instantly capture valuable knowledge regarding the levels of oxygenated blood in the soft tissue. The technology offers users actionable information that may impact decision-making and guide the treatment pathway at all stages of care. Currently focused on wound care, limb salvage and vascular and reconstructive surgical applications, the primary users of this technology are wound care and surgical teams. For wound care physicians, Kent Imaging provides an imaging tool that can assess treatment progress, and track and record wound healing, potentially impacting the treatment path employed. The real-time imaging technology can be used to guide the removal of necrotic tissue to ensure it is prepared for wound closure. It can also assess the wound healing progression with advanced wound therapies. For vascular surgeons, Snapshot NIR can offer identification of areas with lower oxygen levels. Pre and post-intervention imaging can help determine whether or not vascular intervention was successful, and whether or not further intervention is required. In reconstructive surgery, the ability to immediately assess tissue viability in autologous flap-based surgeries can help predict the likelihood of flap survival or flap failure. In either case, the information provided by Kent Imaging and Snapshot NIR can give surgeons more insight that supports the best patient outcomes and reduces the need for additional surgical procedures. When it comes to hiring the best staff, each position is carefully considered. Once filled, the person brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, determination and tenacity to the work of developing technology that can lead to improved patient outcomes. Employing a mix of talented individuals, staff range from engineers, software developers and clinical research specialists to industry-seasoned sales and marketing personnel who thrive as a team to reach a T common goal. The firm’s CEO has also been firmly entrenched in the high-tech world of imaging for over two decades. Looking to the future, Kent Imaging’s goal in the coming years is to continue firmly establishing itself as the market leader in tissue assessment. Expanding their reach across North America and increasing market adoption, the firm’s eventual goal is to permeate the global markets and continue offering innovative insightful technology within the medical industry. Those goals don’t come without challenges however, and the team at Kent are prepared to meet them head-on. With the retraction of healthcare budgets, the firm is committed to offering cost-effective and innovative solutions in an increasingly expensive and highly regulated healthcare industry. Ultimately, the phenomenal success of Kent Imaging thus far comes down to their team and innovative technology that is aiding physicians at all stages of the treatment pathway, from initial assessment through to patient outcomes. Reducing costs and delivering quality care make this innovative technology firm one of the most necessary in Canada’s healthcare industry today. Company: KENT Imaging Inc. Contact: Sandra Jenks Website: