AI Magazine Issue 10 2018

54 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 The initial concept of L6 Elite began through a coffee conversation between our CEO, Bre Wallace and HR Strategist, Teena Gilbert discussing the organizational gaps in process improvement efforts, Bre Wallace had identified as a contractor in the field of Lean Six Sigma. eena Gilbert suggested Bre Wallace utilize her education, skills, and experience to development a system for a large organization in a set industry. However, Bre Wallace opted to develop a system that would fit into any organization regardless of industry and embarked on a journey to develop a prototype that could be utilized to test these gaps and concepts. Within a few months, the prototype was developed and tested during a Lean Six Sigma exhibit in Florida. The response was astounding, Lean practitioners from around the world loved the idea and concepts of the L6 System. Bre Wallace furthered this testing within one of the largest fortune 1,000 service organizations in the world; as part of her PhD thesis; to utilize the concept as her dissertation. The feedback was a direct validation of her concept and L6 was developed into todays’ most innovative system in the industry. In the current industry, many organizations face challenges of financial visibility to determine feasibility of implementations early in the process. L6 Elite provides Sponsors and stakeholders financial visibility into the process improvement projects at every stage of the process. While providing a centralized, easy to use, and standardized tool for Lean Practitioners. Our success is driven by providing an innovative solution that meets the cost reduction and process improvement efforts of today’s organizations. L6 Elite is a comprehensive SaaS based Lean Six Sigma implementation and management software, which makes it ridiculously simple to use and benefit from Lean Six Sigma. With a step by step guided interface, moreover, the data starts populating instantly and automatically making setting up L6 Elite even more fun. The system offers intuitive features that allow users to download status updates to send to stakeholders and sponsors at the completion of each phase. Out-of-the-box tools like the project timeline, excel imports and exports, alerts/reminders, and guided forms help standardize data and provide uniform access throughout organizations. L6 Elite puts relevant, meaningful data at your fingertips from the moment you log in through our real-time dashboard. Which allows users to see the financial and deliverable status of the projects. L6 has a single-click histogram, SPC, Pareto, Regression, Contact: Bre Wallace Company: L6 Elite, LLC Company Address: 64 E. Broadway Rd Suite 200, Tempe, AZ, 85282 Email: Web Address: Recruiting the Best to Create the Best T 1810AI44 and other custom charting solutions to allow users to focus on the input; while we do the processing. L6 Elite is a ready-to-go solution with custom integration options. Beyond this, the cloud-based / SaaS delivery model ensures that there is no nuisance of downloading, installing and maintaining software. Regardless of the physical location of a user, L6 Elite can be accessed globally by any staff member, without the need to worry about downloading or installing the software locally. Master Users are equipped with a user management feature that allows them control over user access levels. Any employee in any part of the world with an internet connection can access L6 Elite by simply logging into our cloud-based system. The transition from current processes are seamless when utilizing L6 Elite; our guided walk-thru and input capability for each phase makes transitioning to L6 Elite feasible for any organization. L6 Elite uses a Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication. Which protects all usernames, passwords, and all sensitive customer data. We pride ourselves in making sure our customers data is safe and free of risks. We take data safety a step further by adding extra layers of security to constantly monitor our system to ensure safety. L6 Elite can be used in nearly every industry ranging from Healthcare, IT, Automotive, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Textiles and more. End users can vary from Six Sigma Certified Practitioners, Quality Assurance Staff to Business Unit Heads. But with the simplicity through which it’s designed, L6 Elite can be implemented in any organization and can be used in any job role that is looking to improve their processes. Beyond our seamless implementation, we partner with the most experienced and world class Lean Six Sigma and Training Companies to provide personalized virtual and onsite training on how to align L6 Elite to your organizational needs. Our partners also administer our L6 Elite certification training for those seeking to become certified in L6 Elite. L6 Elite is operated on a result driven business model. In keeping with lean practices and innovative techniques; our organization operates fully remote with global satellite offices. L6 Elite Mario Maric, Lead Developer April Wallace,Director of Customer Relations Teena Gilbert, HR Strategist Mary Agostini, Systems Training Partner