AI Magazine Issue 10 2018

50 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 IMAP Netherlands are an M&A consultancy with a wealth of experience in buying and selling companies. The firm have got the best of both worlds: they are down-to-earth Dutch and part of a strong international network. Recently, we sat down with Axel Fuhri Snethlage who revealed more about the innovative firm. ounded in 2005, IMAP Netherlands has completed more than 250 (inter)national transactions. In addition, they have two offices in The Netherlands: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Delivering unbiased strategic M&A and financial advice on all aspects of sell-side and buy-side M&A, IMAP are especially strong in the mid-market. It roughly encompasses transactions from five to 250 million euros in all sectors. At IMAP, they have a unique global footprint – now almost 500 M&A professionals in 60 offices around 39 countries – so crossborder collaboration is without a doubt, crucial to the success of their business. Entrepreneurs themselves and entrepreneurial thinking shaping their actions, the team at IMAP treat each transaction as if it were their own. They provide independent, strategic M&A and corporate finance advice to mid-sized companies and their owners. Their cross-border experience extends across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Also, their distinct advantage is our sector knowledge, as well as their ability to research the world for the most suitable buyers in all major mid-market sectors for the businesses they are selling or buying. Axel begins by going into further detail about the firm’s approach when undertaking a new client and the steps they take to ensure that the outcome meets the needs of everyone. “Here at IMAP, we design each step of the M&A process to increase the probability of successful execution. We are dedicated entrepreneurs and invest in each transaction what is needed to succeed and abide by and continuously improve professional advisory standards. Mastering the psychology of negotiations requires getting to know the people involved in the transaction. Creating value for our clients requires looking beyond the obvious and leveraging the diversity of our resources and to come up with fresh ideas.” When discussing the attributes that are essential to achieving success in the industry, Axel touches on the tactics IMAP employ to stay ahead of the game, but also reflects on the current state of the sector and the factors which are affecting it. “Although world trade is under pressure amid rising protectionism and the geopolitical system is going through tectonic shifts. Technological disruption, demographic imbalances and immigration are also having an impact. Moreover, there is a rising realisation that the business cycle may soon Contact: Janou Bode Company: IMAP Netherlands Address: Javastraat 8 Rotterdam, 3016 CE Netherlands Telephone: 0031 10 235 88 50 Web Address: Unique Global Footprint F 1809AI56 reverse into recession. And yet at IMAP we remain positive about the promise of opportunity from major advances in science, technology and medicine, changing the way we think about many issues, from logistics to aging. Innovation and disruptions in these fields will likely shape markets and drive deal making in the years ahead. “We deliver transaction after transaction, we have intimate industry-related knowledge, excellence in execution and the very best tailored M&A financial advice. IMAP’s global nature and tradition of international cooperation is essential and thanks to our focus on industrial sectors and specific sector expertise we keep achieving success in our sector.” It is no secret that behind every successful company is a team of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the firm achieve their overall mission. For IMAP, they have a diverse, talented team who work hard to obtain both the firm and the client’s goal. Going into further detail about how they are able to cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive to a productive working environment, Axel highlights the passionate team at IMAP and reveals the three core values they try to achieve. “Overall, we create value for our clients by leveraging not only the depth, but also the diversity, of our resources and recognise that our biggest asset is our people. Therefore, we invest in ensuring that we are creating the ideal environment for the professional growth and development of the future generation of IMAP leaders. “Focusing on the three C’s: Communication, Collaboration and Culture , we aim to leverage knowledge and unlock the organisational potential across IMAP. Professionals form IMAP offices across the globe shared their learning experiences, knowledge and ideas. Being surrounded by peers with both common challenges and experiences of the IMAP organisation, helps to generate ideas and solutions that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our staff.” Moving forward, Axel signs off by envision what the future holds for IMAP, highlighting how the firm are hoping to expand in the years to come. “In recent years, we have always been in the top 10 of the Dutch rankings and our ambition is to improve our position to a top five place. Our plans also foresee a growth of 18 employees now to 25-30 professionals over five years. Part of that will come from the expansion of our debt advisory activities.”