AI Issue 10 2017

Acquisition International - October 2017 9 Excellence in Infrastructure consultants, if required, and manage the whole team on behalf of the Client. Staff have standing relationships with architects, quantity surveyors, rational fire design consultants and other specialist services. Moreover, the Electrical Services Department further provides specialist services in the Electrical distribution and reticulation industry, and iX engineers is an affiliate member of the Association of Municipal Electrical Utilities (AMEU) and International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE). Its diverse experience and exposure is evident of its success in the Electrical distribution and reticulation industry. Crucially, iX engineers affords priority to safety, health, environmental, risk, quality and restoration. This has consolidated its extensive experience, knowledge and skills in SHERQ, Environmental and Restoration management processes into three departments. As touched on when discussing values, the company makes itself capable for every product it makes, and acts responsibly on behalf of its staff. It has the capability to manage key operation issues proactively, in order to achieve complete legal compliance and competitive advantage in line with client and government expectations. Regarding Infrastructure management, iX engineers’ team of experts understand the public sector landscape, particularly with the current government’s strategic prioritization of maintenance and refurbishing key assets like power stations, electrical reticulation networks both SOE and municipal, dams, waste and water treatment plants, roads and buildings. Therefore, the company is well placed to give advice to others, and implement solutions successfully in the public sector infrastructure environment, which will help it establish itself as leader within the industry, not just in South Africa, but on a global scale. iX engineers’ capabilities cover all aspects of the transportation sector including rail, roads, highways and intermodal transport. The company has built a substantial portfolio of challenging projects that meet both public and private sector needs. Providing a complete service offering which spans all design phases, the firm is able to attract various clients, all of whom come away feeling satisfied with the service they have been provided with. Its design team comprises specialists in airport development, road and rail geometry, material, pavement and geotechnical design, hydrology, storm water and associated structures. Pointing out more areas of expertise and experience, iX engineers’ Urban Infrastructure Division has a combined number of years’ experience which is in excess of 700. Over this period, staff have gained intimate knowledge of the country’s unique challenges which enables the, to innovatively tailor their solutions to deliver maximum value to its clients. The team, consisting of a number of professionals, specializes in the design, procurement, project management and construction monitoring of civil engineering projects for municipal and private infrastructure projects. Lastly, with regard to water, the iX engineers’ water teams encompass committed and empowered professionals, who are at the forefront of managing the total water cycle to meet growing demands from the public and industry and to provide improved environmental protection locally, nationally and internationally. Ultimately, with expertise in several areas, iX engineers can look forward to a very progressive future, continuously expanding its services and satisfying clients. With its customer satisfaction at such a high level, and staff happily working at the company, constantly training and learning, the future looks bright for iX engineers.