AI Issue 10 2017

8 Acquisition International - October 2017 iX engineers (Pty) Ltd is a consulting engineering company focusing on the private and public infrastructure sector and operates as a private company. We profile the firm as we look to find out more about its success. stablished in 2016, iX engineers employ a wide variety of staff, all of which come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wealth of experience. The key staff of iX engineers enjoy more than 35 years’ experience in the infrastructure sector in both the consulting and project delivery markets. Following its acquisition of other companies, iX engineers provides professional services for the design, development and through-life-support of private and public infrastructure. Approaching each project from a different point of view, the firm works hard to make sure each client is satisfied with the end goal and the final result. The projects are delivered through engineering and project management skills, which specialize in civil, structural, electrical and mechanical areas, as well as process engineering and again project and portfolio management. Additionally, there are also skills in cost control, SHERQ, and financial management. Maintaining its success, employees and staff all work towards reaching the same goals. Embedded in the company’s culture are its values, which are the foundation of its strategy, and they start with integrity, maintaining a high standard of professionalism. The team works very hard to meet and, in some cases, surpass its client’s expectations. Innovation is at the heart of the company, as staff look to constantly improve its service offering, along with the changing times. The team always ensures its staff are capable of delivering the best service to customers, equipping them with the best materials and knowledge that they can. Success comes from inventive and excellent leadership, with the top of the firm being committed to doing the best for clients and people. Empowering its staff is a key factor in iX engineers’ achievements, as staff feel confident to produce the best product. Throughout the company, staff work responsibly, taking responsibility for everyone’s actions and working hard to protect the environment. The solutions provided by the team are mostly environmentally friendly, with the impact carefully considered before release. Making promises, employees guarantee that they deliver on all possibilities, looking to create wealth for clients and staff. Customer satisfaction is essential in all industries, and delivering on Company: iX Engineers Contact: Florence Mabena Email: florence.m@ Address: Eastwood Office Park, Protea House, 270 Lynwood Service Road, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0081 I RSA, South Africa Phone: 0027 12 745 2518 Website: Excellence in Infrastructure E 1707AI21 promises, as well providing the best solutions are all done with the firm’s integrity intact. Having worked within South Africa for over 35 years, the staff have intimate knowledge of the country’s unique challenges, which enables staff to tailor the solutions to deliver maximum value to customers, therefore, they are able apply this knowledge to the broader African and international arena, increasing the firm’s global presence. Offering a variety of services, the capability of the Buildings and Services division of iX engineers comprises key, experienced staff located in offices nationwide, with Pretoria and Cape Town being the major hubs. Relating back to its vision of creating environmentally friendly solutions, the company is registered with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and has a number of Green Building Professionals in its staff. In addition, its engineers have many years of experience in energy efficiency, and life cycle optimization designs as part of our normal good engineering practice. iX engineers are further versed and experienced in the renewable energy sector. Marking itself out as the best possible option for clients, staff’s diverse experience and exposure highlights the company’s ongoing success, particularly within the building and construction industry. Versatile, within the industry, the projects and building types include hospitals and clinics, along with office buildings, business parks, conference centres and auditoriums. Benefitting various communities and customers, iX engineers also has worked on schools and universities, laboratories and industrial/process environments, as well as railway maintenance yards and workshops, to name a few of the company’s projects. Professional Engineering Services related to buildings are offered by industry specialist engineers in an assortment of technical areas. The company also engages in projects for which clients require a one-stop service comprising of all building related disciplines. For such projects, in order to provide an excellent holistic service, the team engage with external sub-