AI Issue 10 2017

Acquisition International - October 2017 17 Always Looking to Achieve Astounding Things Referring to the success of the firm, Joe discusses the amazing team of smart, highly driven individuals. He talks about the internal culture within the firm, commenting on how the team ensures that all of its staff are well equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. “Terso Solutions has an amazing team of smart, highly driven individuals. Terso has always stayed true to developing long term relationships with partners and vendors. In doing so, Terso is able to provide uncompromising technical leadership and customer support. To help meet the needs of Terso’s growing company and their partners, Terso believes strongly in their core values of ownership, opportunity, focus, relationship, and energy to strive to achieve the level of expertise and creativity that is seen throughout their products and services.” “To achieve the success we have seen thus far, we continue to insist on taking an ethical approach with each customer, one that sets up our relationship for long-term growth. We work to find the best way possible to close all gaps, and as a team we work to bring value to our clients each day. An environment that encourages fun, professional growth, and a work-life balance has resulted in stellar growth for Terso Solutions in both the U.S. and EU markets.” Signing off, Joe predicts what the future holds for the company, outlining the upcoming projects for Terso Solutions. Committed to its investments and supporting its customers, there appears to be a positive outlook for this innovative company. “Terso continues to evolve as a company. Also, we will continue to evolve with technology and work in an agile way. Our development of new and innovative solutions drive value. Terso is committed to investing in our capabilities to support our customers and partners as they look to implement RAIN RFID-based inventory management solutions on a global basis. Finally, we have many exciting things planned, including technology platform expansion, facilities expansion, and team expansion, in both the US and the EU.”