AI Issue 10 2017

16 Acquisition International - October 2017 Terso Solutions, Inc. provides automated inventory management solutions for tracking high-value medical and scientific products in the healthcare and life science fields using RAIN RFID technology. Joe Pleshek, CEO & President, talks to us about the firm’s success and also being named in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards & Best for Laboratory Inventory Management 2017 – Wisconsin. erso Solutions has deployed over 1,800 RFID-enabled enclosures and mobile solutions around the world. The company continues to believe in developing inventory management solutions that will provide the best possible end result for customers and patients. Joe explains how Terso integrates innovation into every aspect of their work, as well as outlines the firm’s overall mission, and what steps they plan to take to achieve these goals. Terso Solutions tracks high-value inventories – reagents, chemicals, tissue, implantable devices, orthopaedic supplies, and medical devices – throughout the supply chain, from point of manufacture to managing the products until final use. Terso’s portfolio is comprised of a breadth of RAIN RFID-enabled solutions, from enclosures and mobile devices to smart stockrooms and kiosks. These solutions provide temperature-controlled, real-time visibility of all stored inventory. For instance, a hospital or laboratory can effortlessly track the condition of its stock and monitor when a product is taken out of or added to an RFID enclosure or room. In 2016, Terso Solutions developed an industry vision around implementing a Smart Inventory Management system using real-time healthcare components. This vision puts forth an industry Company: Terso Solutions, Inc Contact: Becky Snyder Email: becky.snyder@ Address: 5540 Research Park Drive, Madison, Wisconsin, 53711, USA Phone: 001 608 298 4127 Always Looking to Achieve Astounding Things T 1710AI17 framework on designing and constructing a smart system that will begin to automate workflows, improve patient experiences and operational efficiencies for healthcare and life science organizations. “Here at Terso Solutions, our mission is to develop and deploy leading RAIN RFID solutions that enable healthcare and life science organizations to better manage their supply chain. The team are committed to the development of cutting- edge technology and finding the right solutions for solving complex supply chain issues, be it tissue management to field inventory management or laboratory stockroom automation. Every customer is different, and Terso believes in finding a way to solve the most unique problems for every customer, in effort to meet their goals.” The Technology industry is constantly evolving, with companies coming up with new and creative ideas, meaning firms have to be innovative to stay ahead of any developments, and be prepared for any challenges they may come across. Terso’s biggest competitor is the status quo. Providing fresh and new ideas is what helps Terso to mark itself out as the best possible option for clients, according to Joe. “As technology changes and continues to grow, it is important to remain agile and creative. Technology is becoming increasingly adopted in the healthcare and life science markets, specifically to provide a seamless way to conduct everyday business. The adoption of technology solutions is a big change for many, and it becomes increasingly important to address this when developing new solutions.” “Working diligently, Terso strives to evolve and innovate in the marketplace, and our dedication to working in an agile manner and remaining dedicated to partners and employees, Terso is poised for continual growth. At the very foundation of Terso’s offerings is innovation and a commitment to excellence.”