Issue 1 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 29 ounded in 2014, Creavidia is a fast-growing integrated content marketing agency, focusing on strategy-oriented content creation, content management, and marketing execution – predominantly serving clients in the financial sector. Since its inception, Creavidia has continued to provide professional services in consumer research, brand planning, marketing activities, video production, creative design, digital marketing, PR campaigns, and advertising for leading institutions. With three offices, located in Shanghai, Beijing, and Changsta Hunan respectively, Creavidia employs roughly 40 people in its skilled and knowledgeable team. With technology being the way forward, more and more businesses are turning to the internet and getting their presence online in order to satisfy the wave of digital customers. This means that many have had to rethink their marketing strategies and move from the traditional approach into unchartered waters. Banks and financial institutions are one such sector which are having to brave the new world and embrace the digital era, ditching their ageold strategies in order to satisfy ever-changing customer demands. With new social media channels springing up almost daily, it’s easy to get lost in the buzz of the fast-paced online world and what banks often lack is the time and resource to embark on such projects. This is where renowned digital content provider, Creavidia, comes into play. “We help brands create episodic, always-on and real-time experiences that inspire, inform, and connect people,” explains Thomas Li, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “We succeed because we always take the customer’s point of view, which means we can create experiences they freely choose to engage with.” Creavidia’s skill lies in helping its clients to build long term, authentic and valued relationships with their customers. “That’s the kind of relationship we work to build with our clients.” Based on a deep understanding of the financial industry and rich actual experience in marketing, Creavidia brings together all kinds of professionals to solve all kinds of marketing problems with flexible and innovative solutions, and helps clients to achieve fantastic success. F Creating unique, authentic video content is just one of its specialisms and, with several of its creations going ‘viral’ it’s no surprise to hear that the firm recently gained international recognition as it was named in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Video Production & Marketing Agency 2022 – China. With a dedication to improving its core competences and stay one ahead of the game at all times, Creavidia is now committed to staying cutting edge and expanding its global footprint. Creavidia, a financial content marketing provider, has tasted success by being continuously innovative in its approach and its solutions. We find out more about the company as it is named in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2022. Sep22252 Best Video Production & Marketing Agency 2022 – China Contact: Thomas Li Company: Creavidia Web Address: Oct 61