Issue 1 2023

24 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 JM Finn – Client Service, Trust, Foresight M Finn would be a perfect case study for the importance of establishing strong values as the foundation of a business. As a leading wealth management firm with offices across the UK, the firm has been serving clients diligently since 1946, with a reputation that continues to grow and flourish – even decades later. JM Finn’s traits have been and always will be integral to the operation of the business. Its dedication to client service, trust, and foresight are still integral to the business, and have been instrumental in shaping today’s wealth management service, and go some way to explaining the exceptional client satisfaction it achieves. Moreover, the team has key traits that are crucial to the company’s operations. By simplifying the financial challenges that investors face, it protects and nurtures wealth across generations. It is cognisant that wealth challenges come in many different shapes and sizes and often when one least expects it. By putting an investment manager as the main point of contact, it looks to develop long term relationships with clients of all ages to guide them through the complex world of investing, so that their wealth can last generations. Crucially, JM Finn understands that each client is an individual. As an individual, there is no cookie cutter solution to wealth management, as each client requires a different approach, different services, and different solutions. It is here that JM Finn predominantly distinguishes itself – after all, with growth and competition comes a desire to cut corners, to gain momentum at the sake of client service. Not for JM Finn. Never. To help maintain a focus on the company’s purpose and ensure the team are driving the business in the same direction to achieve its vision, it needs to do the right thing for its clients and staff. It wants to grow responsibly, all the time safeguarding its client-first approach J Dec22121 and maintaining its reputation for excellent service. Therefore, it will continue to develop its staff and ensure the firm always upholds a healthy and positive working environment. Ultimately, this approach has helped weather significant storms in the financial climate over the last couple of years. The wealth management landscape continues to face new challenges – saying that, the firm is in good standing to tackle themwith ease. Its three biggest challenges and risks are cyber security, regulations, and third-party risks. It has a range of cyber defences including firewalls, network monitoring, playbooks, incident responses, privileged access management solutions, and staff training to help limit the opportunities for fraudsters. As for the regulatory environment, the firm has three lines of defence risk management framework, policies, and procedures to support staff to comply with regulations and monitoring programme. The introduction of the new Consumer Duty by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sets higher and clearer standards of conduct for all firms operating within the financial services sector. The introduction of these rules will require firms to act to deliver good outcomes for retail customers. JM Finn believes it already operates in this manner but is looking forward to undertaking the analysis to identify any potential gaps to provide greater clarity to clients. Finally, third party risk. The company has in place key controls which include due diligence processes, regular review meetings with providers, and escalation processes to resolve any issues to help it reduce and limit the impact of any third-party risk. By all regards, 2023 promises to be a year of immense movement and forward growth for JM Finn on the back of the appointment of new COO, Rob Deverell. The firm will be reviewing the following: the functionality of internal systems and how they work with one another; the client portal, operational resilience, critical outsourcing and vendor management; and finally, CRM development. It’s clear to see how JM Finn has managed to do the impossible – not only keep apace of change, but be the driver of change and adaptation even after decades of being in the industry. Company: JM Finn Name: Katie Deacon, Senior Marketing Executive Email: Web Address: Address: 25 Copthall Ave, London EC2R 7AH Telephone: 0207 600 1660 There are few wealth management firms with a reputation as robust, impressive, and enduring as JM Finn. Following the firm’s recognition as the ‘Leading Wealth Management Firm of the Year’ in the UK, we endeavoured to find out more. As a leading wealth management firm with offices across the UK, the firm has been serving clients diligently since 1946, with a reputation that continues to grow and flourish – even decades later.